• D41 Tech at Home

    Chromebooks have now been distributed to District 41 students. As an added service, the D41 Help Desk is now open to our students and families should you have questions regarding the use of Chromebooks including login information, accessibility to learning apps, connectivity and more. Also, please find information here regarding Gmail accounts for students, Zoom conferencing and student expectations. We are here to support you as we transition to E-Learning.

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    New Gmail Accounts for Elementary Students

    In an effort to provide more access to communication tools for students and teachers, Gmail accounts will be enabled for our students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade. Previously this was not an option to our elementary students, however, given these extraordinary circumstances, we feel open lines of communication between students and teachers will benefit from access to email.
    Students will NOT receive email from anyone outside our d41.org domain, so no outside emails will be delivered. Also, students will not be able to receive email from other students, only teachers. A monitoring solution is in place to scan for inappropriate language in the emails. Any language that triggers this filter will automatically trigger an alert that will be sent via email to the school principal.

    Using Zoom to Keep Us Connected
    We have also begun using an online conferencing solution called Zoom. Teachers have access to this service to create closed online classrooms with students. Invitations sent to students can be received through Gmail or Google Classroom and will allow students to join the conference. For this reason we have also enabled the cameras included with their Chromebooks so students will be able to see and hear their teacher during the lesson.

    Student Expectations and Directions
    We expect all students to be respectful, responsible and safe online and to understand that the district Acceptable Use Policy still pertains to them when they are at home. You can find expectations and directions for Gmail and Chromebook cameras.
    We encourage parents to have conversations with their child/children about their digital citizenship. This is an exciting time for our students to learn new communication skills in an authentic way! It remains important to remember to continuously monitor their usage of and interactions through technology.

    Mike Wood
    Director of Technology