• Survey Results

    Referendum Information The Glen Ellyn School District 41 Board of Education approved a partnership with community engagement consultant EOSullivan (four phase process) to help develop a plan for the future of our schools. Working together, a community-driven plan was created and led to the approval of a referendum question on the November 8, 2022 ballot. This page provides the community survey results as presented by EOSullivan.

    Phase 3 Community Engagement Report 
    EOSullivan Recommendation (7/6/22 WATCH IT): 
    "Based on all the data gathered to date, it’s clear the community opposes Option 1. That should be removed from consideration. The community shows some willingness to get behind Option 2, though it isn’t their favorite. They’re most in favor of Option 3 and Option 4.

    The plan should center around building a new elementary school on the Spalding property. While there are some concerns about redistricting and the size of that property, the D41 community shows the most willingness to accept that outcome over having to bus students outside their neighborhood schools. In light of the current economy, opposition starts to increase from Option 3 to Option 4. The community supports the idea of adding an early learning center in addition to the new school, but the additional cost is giving them pause. If there is a way to achieve these goals while reducing the cost from what was tested, Option 4 is a viable path forward.

    If not, our recommendation is to move forward with Option 3, which generates the strongest support and the least opposition among many of the key demographics that make up District 41. Work will need to be done to engage and inform the public on why this plan is needed and how redistricting would be handled, but with that it would be successful in the right election as a referendum."

    During the Community Engagement process, EOSullivan phone polled individuals who live in the District 41 boundaries. Click on the below links for the polling questions as well as the results: 
    EOSullivan Survey Script - May 2022
    EOSullivan Survey Script - June 2022