• D41 Orchestra Program

    violinWelcome to D41's Orchestra Program, where playing a stringed instrument begins an exciting new journey. Students learn technique, music literacy, and artistic skills in order to perform to the best of their ability, both individually and within a group ensemble setting. The skills each student acquires prepares them to participate and contribute in future ensembles, as well as develop an appreciation for music and the arts. Here in D41, Orchestra is an integrated part of our school district, winning district and state competitions with the highest honors year after year.

    Orchestra is a safe place for students to feel a part of a group, to gain confidence, and to make lasting friendships. Our Orchestra Program creates a sense of family and promotes a friendly, fun environment for our children. We learn and perform, striving for excellence, together as a team.

    For information on D41's Orchestra Program, please visit the following websites or contact the teachers:

    5th Grade Beginning Orchestra Program
    Rita Feuerborn, rfeuerborn@d41.org
    5th Grade Beginning Orchestra Teacher
    Website: sites.google.com/d41.org/orchestra

    Hadley Junior High Orchestra Program
    Georgia Alemis, galemis@d41.org
    Hadley Junior High Orchestra Teacher, Grades 6-7-8
    Website: www.d41HadleyOrchestra.Weebly.com