• Strategic Plan

    SP Goal 1

    Desired Future:

    The District 41 community of learners, educators and stakeholders cultivate students who are actively engaged and committed to their own learning. District 41 provides a guaranteed rigorous and differentiated learning environment where all students can demonstrate high levels of growth and success. District 41 uses data to form a detailed profile of student, school and district performance; illuminate successes; and identify opportunities for improvement.

    By 2027, District 41 will demonstrate cohesion throughout our organization regarding the quality of instruction that is provided to students regardless of their individual strengths and needs.
    • D41 will provide consistent implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports across all schools
    • D41 will implement research-based supports and interventions

    By 2027, D41 will implement instructional best practices within our general education and special education and language learner programs.

    • D41 will continue to support and improve the implementation of the D41 Inclusionary Principles
    • D41 will lessen the achievement gaps between student groups
    • D41 will prepare every student to experience success in high school and beyond


    A Future4Every1