• Preschool Program

    Serving all District 41 Families

    Carrie Jodelka Carolyn Jodelka
     Preschool Parent  Teacher Coordinator
    The District 41 Preschool Program immerses children in a play-based, student-centered environment to maximize student learning, growth and development. Daily instruction targets all areas of development with a strong focus on literacy, math, language and social-emotional development. The classroom experience engages 3-5 year old children of all abilities, to thrive in an academic setting for a lifelong passion of learning.

    Program Details

    • Tuition is $250 per month (Dec. '22)
    • Offered to all families residing within the D41 boundaries  
    • Tuition waivers for families in need based on the severity of risk factors and space availability
    • Bus transportation may be available for some (ask for details during registration)
    • Service providers work within classrooms, e.g. Speech, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, and Social work
    • Special education supports and services available based on each student's individual need

    Program Highlights

    • Blended classroom experience
    • Small student teacher ratios
    • Five day-a-week program
    • Two sections offered daily (8:50am - 11:20am and 12:40pm - 3:10pm)
    • Research-based creative curriculum
    • Follows the District 41 school calendar

    All Preschool Classes are held at
    Forest Glen School
    561 Elm Street
    Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


    If you are interested in the Preschool program and/or a speech screener, please complete the following steps:

    1. Complete the ASQ process HERE
    2. Complete the Parent Information Form
    3. Complete the Home language survey
    4. Sign up for Developmental Screener - CLICK HERE

    Contact Us!

    Preschool Parent Teacher Coordinator
    Glen Ellyn School District 41
    793 N. Main Street
    Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
    Phone: 630-534-7466