• Teacher Shout Outs!

    Teacher Appreciation Thank you Ms. Cortez for your amazing work, you are doing a great job! Salute -Umar’s family

    Mr. Jordan rocks! Thank you for being a great teacher!

    Mrs. Kostner is the best! Thank you for all of your hard work!


    Mrs. Azzolin has been a great 3rd grade teacher. She's fun, kind, and always looks out for her students!

    A shout out to Mr. Scrima for being an awesome teacher. He teaches us not only school stuff but also things that we need to know to succeed in life like social emotional stuff! He is always kind, funny and treats us with respect.-Genesis Mandujano-Vanegas

    Thank you to Mrs. McKeever at Ben Franklin! She works hard to meet students where they are and move learning forward. She couples consistent routines and expectations with a warm heart, and my daughter loves spending her day with Mrs. McKeever! Her communication to parents is focused and detailed, and helps set us up for success to support our students at home. We are so lucky to have you in our district!

    Mrs. Baker is very loving and let's us have a lot of fun in our class. She teaches us math and everything we need to know. She keeps us safe and we get to be creative in school. Thank you Mrs. Baker for all you do!-Adeline

    Shoutout to Mrs. Lamantia for being the most kind and patient 1st grade teacher! The kids love you!!!

    Ms Everett observed our child carefully and said there may be attention issues. We had her evaluated, chose to medicate, and now my girl went from low grades or failing math tests to two perfect scores on the last two tests. Our girl participates in class much more and has so much more confidence. Thank you Ms. Everett for your keen instincts and help in figuring out the issue!

    Big thanks to Mrs. Sostarics, Mr Haycraft and Mrs Beaman for doing an outstanding job helping 6th graders transition into Hadley and have the best experience in the process! We appreciate all you do! From the Huml family.

    Thank you, Tami Allen, for conveying a love of the power of Math and conveying it to our soon to be Applied Math Major at the University of Chicago!

    Mrs. Van Pay at Forest Glen is awesome! She is smart, kind and amazing at her job! She is always teaching our son effective reading strategies and celebrating her students' accomplishments. We feel so lucky to have had her for Kindergarten! Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Van Pay! - The Cerami Family

    Mrs. Gill is the best mix of firm and warm. I wish I had her as my second grade teacher! ❤️

    Mrs. Reiken - thank you for your perseverance, even in the face of incredible frustration! Your job pays off years later - but it is seen, appreciated and valued. - Niki Wolny

    Hadley teacher Kate Metzel is the real deal! She shows genuine interest and concern for each of her students. Mrs. Metzel taps into their interests and connects with them. She encourages and celebrates their successes and on the days they stumble, she helps them get back up and start again. We're so glad she's our child's teacher! She's the best!

    Mr. Caspers is an amazing teacher! He always goes above and beyond for his students. We cannot thank him enough for all he has done to support our daughter this year- in and out of the classroom. Showing up at students' sports activities shows how much love he has for these children. Thank- you from the bottom of our hearts. -Hertz Family

    Derek Winkelmann is one of my child's favorite teachers. He's a great role model. His encouragement and sense of humor has made his class my child's favorite!

    Shout out to Mrs. Sanew! Thank you for making our daughter's first year at Ben Franklin so much fun!

    Mrs. Van Pay has done a phenomenal job working with her classes on recognizing emotions, being okay feeling things, and emotional regulation. Our child has become so much better at regulating themself thanks to Mrs. Van Pay’s work!

    I would like to give a shout out to Mrs. Van Pay. She goes above and beyond for the students she teaches. She takes the time to get to know them personally and find the good qualities every child possesses. She is so kind and caring and fosters a love of learning in her students. We could not have asked for a better teacher for our first experience at Forest Glen!

    Shout-out to the WONDERFUL and passionate Mrs. Prager! Her love for Performing Arts is palpable, and even the biggest critics who say "they don't like theatre" undeniably ENJOY her class! I'm grateful that my three children have become more open-minded to performing arts thanks to her amazing curriculum and special aura in her classroom! She was always such a BRIGHT SPOT in their school day! Many, many thanks! Tina Michaels

    Mrs.Wagner thank you for being the best teacher and going out your way!

    Huge kudos and applause for Ms. Tito. She has completed her first semester of formal teaching and has far exceeded all of our expectations. It was surely no easy task to step in as the 3rd teacher this crew would have this year on top of getting her sea legs in a new career. She handled the role with confidence, professionalism and a smile.

    Ms. Tito- these kids will forever love and appreciate everything you have done for them! (And pretty sure you created a band of Hawkeye fans while you were at it 😁.)

    Thank you for a great end to the year! The Puente family

    Shout out to 7th grade literacy teacher MR. BROWN. Best teacher ever!

    Ms. Farral - shout out to the district’s most exceptional math teacher! Who can make math sizzle and pop and come to life but you?? Long live your math declarations, memes, pi celebrations, and game days! You will be forever cherished! From, Bowman Janney & Family

    Shout out to the world’s funniest teacher, Ms. Everett! You keep us engaged and entertained all the school day long! We love your stories and all of your advice! You will forever remain in the annals of history as one of the most impactful teachers! From, Bowman Janney & Family

    Coaches McClusky and Armstrong- for being awesome wrestling coaches and spending so much time with us!
    Evie Nitti

    Mrs Guerrieri- Super helpful teacher and spends her personal time helping us learn. Thank you!

    Mr. Caspers; for always encouraging exploration, and creating a positive and wholesome environment. For going above and beyond to make the "good phone calls" and to show up to the kids' important events. Above all, you make each kid feel loved and supported and as tho they are in a safe place where they can be who they really are. -Evie Nitti

    Mrs. Moneyham; for being so patient, so encouraging, and being "like a second mom" - Carmela Nitti

    Ms. Jamie A, you are the best! We love to see you even years after preschool!

    Senora Chavez- Your kindest personality is what helps kids learn so well!

    Ms Manhatton, Your calmness resonates in your classroom-its what every child needs but never says it. No matter how chaotic those kiddos are, your sereneness is what stays with them!

    Mrs. Schmutz, You are always much remembered and missed. Your strong bond helped my kiddo to get out of her shell. Stay blessed always

    Mrs. Kostner- You became an inspiration with your wit and fun in everything attitude!

    Mrs. Evans- You went out of the way to make us feel connected during the pandemic. Tough time but your classroom made a whole lot of difference. Bless you always!

    Mrs VanDyke, you made transitioning so easy even for a new student to the system. Your everlasting supportive lessons and attitude to never give up is what stayed with my kiddo! Bless you always!

    If you are lucky to know "Miss K" at Lincoln, then you know a very special 2nd grade teacher! She supports, encourages and believes in her students both inside and outside of the classroom. She is regularly seen on the sidelines cheering on her students in their extra curricular interests. She sets a positive example as a coach of Girls on the Run. Our community is so lucky to have Miss K and we hope she feels appreciated this week and always for the difference she makes!

    Thank you Mrs. Everett for making our last year at Lincoln awesome! - Mrs. Everett’s class 

    We are so appreciative of Mrs. Spayth! She has the kindest heart, is creative in motivating second graders to learn, love, and succeed in school, and truly understands kids. Thank you for all you do!

    Thank you Mrs. Brennan for making our 3rd grade experience at Lincoln memorable! - Mrs. Brennan’s class 

    Shoutout to Mrs. Catalano at AL! Kitty and Penny love art class and everything you do for them. Thank you for being awesome!

    Thank you Ms. Czuma! Kitty is a happy 1st grader that loves her teacher and loves to read. She had a great time at the Lincoln auction pizza lunch with you. You also were so amazing during that awful covid year with Penny, making special times to facetime her when she missed you so much. Our family is so lucky to have had you for a teacher!

    Ms.Czuma-Thank you for a great year. My daughter has learned so much, and most of all, has felt the love and care you provide to her and her classmates! -Meredith T

    Mrs. Cassidy (1st grade at Churchill Elementary) is truly a phenomenal teacher. She is organized, caring, calm, and sees the potential in each child. I appreciate how Mrs. Cassidy runs her classroom with ease and how eager my child is to go to school and learn from her each day. Mrs. Cassidy is connected, kind, and she has excellent communication with families. I feel thankful each day that my daughter has been in her class this year. We will miss her greatly at Churchill- but wow, what a career! Bravo Mrs. Cassidy, your retirement is well deserved. With love and gratitude- The Hlinka Family

    Brenda Klemm, her amazing teaching assistants Ms Sue and Ms Heather, and Mrs. Marchinski

    My son has flourished with you guys the past 1.5 years. His communication, social skills and confidence have grown so much. He loves school! Thank you all for everything you do!

    Ms, Vaughan - We’ve never seen your cape or mask, but we see your superpowers every day! Thanks for being a super teacher!

    Thank you Ms. Farral for being an amazing math teacher. You made our last year memorable! - Your 5th grade math class (sending in picture to email above)

    Mrs. VanDyke is SOOO FUN!!! -Maria

    Ms. Brenda is really a GREAT TEACHER! - HAZEL

    We 💜Ms. Audy! She gives 100% to her students all the time, making school a fun and exciting and nurturing place to be - so much so - my son Luc wishes he could do summer school with her! He has grown so much academically and socially this year. He is a confident and happy student, and looking forward to 2nd grade (and hoping he can Ms. Audy with him!). We know Ms. Audy is a HUGE part of his success this year and are forever grateful!! -Katrina Masciotra (Luc’s mom)

    Mrs. Catalano is a WONDERFUL art teacher! I cannot believe how much my son has learned about art over the last 2 years. Mrs. Catalano has inspired such a love and appreciation for the art world in my son, Luc. He comes home from school and repeats her lessons for his little sister. We have all learned so much about Pop Art and Van Gogh :) Thank you for inspiring Luc!! - Katrina Masciotra (Luc’s mom)

    I can always get my son to talk about what he did in PE - he is always excited to tell me every detail of the new game he played, and it’s usually also his favorite part of his day. In his own words “My PE teachers are SO creative - they’re always inventing new games for us!!”. Thank you Ms. Menendez & Ms. Norton!! - Katrina Masciotra (and Luc!)

    Thank you Mrs. Everett for making our last year at Lincoln awesome! - Mrs. Everett’s class

    Thank you Mrs. Brennan for making our 3rd grade experience at Lincoln memorable! - Mrs. Brennan’s class

    Thank you Ms. Farral for being an amazing math teacher. You made our last year memorable!
    - Your 5th grade math class at Lincoln

    Miss K.(Miss Krawczykowski) is SO LOVED at Lincoln!
    Thanks again!

    Miss K Class + Parents

    Mom: Charlie, do you love anything more than you love dessert?  Charlie: ART!

    Thank you, Ms. Catalano, for inspiring a love of art in our kids!

    Mrs. Bruns, we appreciate your patience, dedication, and creativity! Our student is excited to go to school each day - and we are excited to see such growth and progress over the past year. Thank you for all of you do for our student. You truly have made a difference during a critical year, and we are grateful for you!

    Nurse Walgren, thank you for taking such good care of our student for issues big and small. We appreciate your kindness and communication. It brings us great comfort to know our student is in such good hands!

    Thank you, Ms. Allison, for being the kind of teacher every student deserves to have. The way you are helps them build so much confidence. I know for a fact Piper has grown tremendously this year and I feel confident she is going to continue to soar as she moves onto Hadley. Thank you for being you

    We love Mrs. Yerkes! Thank you for always caring for your students!

    Mrs Travers!!! You are the best! Love Inayah!

    Mrs. Steinhilber! You are the best! Thank you for being so sweet! Love Wali

    We feel so lucky to have been blessed with a year of instruction from Mrs. Buchholz. She is invested in her students' education, she clearly cares about each of the children and her experience shines through. Her guidance has fostered educational leaps in reading and an excitement for learning. We will be truly sad when the year ends and we have to move on from her classroom. She is beloved in our family.

    Mrs. Salach has been an invaluable source of support throughout my child's educational journey. Her unwavering patience, kindness, and dedication have truly enhanced our experience at Ben Franklin School. Not only does she possess a wealth of resources, but she also imparts the importance of resourcefulness to her students. We are incredibly grateful for Mrs. Salach's exceptional teaching and nurturing guidance. She has made a lasting positive impact on our little one's education, and we wholeheartedly appreciate her contributions. -Kristen Bond

    Would love to send a huge thanks to Mrs. Connell at Hadley for her help during her tenure at Hadley. We all appreciate your help with student events like the PBIS store and the 8th grade celebration as well as your collaboration with the PTA. Thank you!

    Kate Metzel is such an amazing teacher. She provides the kids with a safe & fun environment for learning. Her classroom is filled with positive energy. It's very enjoyable being in her classroom every day! Kate is a true warrior and works through any situation!  -Michelle N.

    Special educators, service providers and paraprofessionals never seem to get the recognition they deserve! They are the unsung heroes of education working tirelessly to accommodate the needs of the students that require the most support. I'd like to give a huge shout out to "Team Morgan" at Lincoln: Amy Bohn (resource teacher/case manager), Jill Waszak (SLP), Dawn Scholl (Social Worker), Becky Lastres (OT), Violet Bucur (classroom aide), Noreen Prendergast (gen ed teacher), and Brian Schremp (AP). I am extremely grateful for our partnership rooted in trust, communication, and collaboration. But what I appreciate the most is how they embrace the beauty of neurodiversity and the unique ways our girl experiences the world. Thank you, Team Morgan for your continued dedication to our family. Sincerely, Sara & Doug Densmore

    A BIG SHOUT out GRATITUDE to Mrs. Denise Cassidy! She has a calming presence and is a role model for all, not just her students but everyone who knows her. She teaches you to be KIND and try your BEST. Skills that are necessary beyond 1st Grade! She teaches her students to reach for more than they thought they could. She makes everyone feel special and can make hurdles seem like nothing more than a small bump in the road.

    A visual that will forever warm my heart was when the students came running to her with open arms at a recent zoo field trip when they saw her approaching to catch the bus. At that moment, I realized she was not only an amazing teacher to my child but to all her students! Thank you for passing along your gift Mrs. Cassidy, the joy of teaching!

    We are so appreciative of Ms. Aida Besirevic (aka Ms. Bes). She brings a flair of energy and excitement to her social studies classes and fellow colleagues. From "trials" to simulations, costumes to historical theatrical impressions, class with Ms. Bes is never boring! Her creativity and enthusiasm is a source of encouragement and support to her colleagues. 6th grade social studies is definitely more engaging with the spin Ms. Bes has brought to Hadley. 

    Sara Gilmar

    Michelle Nardella

    Mrs. Berenschot has all the qualities of what makes an amazing teacher! She knows her students through-and-through. She respects them. She makes learning fun. Her students grow academically, but also as people. Our daughter Harper is so lucky to be in her fourth grade class this year! -Kristi Kunkel

    Here's to Dawn Carollo-Payne for her years of dedication to District #41 and her love for the children of the Glen Ellyn #41 community - your old Principal Doug Craig

    Here's to Michelle Donlan-Spratt for her years of dedication to District #41 and her love for the children of the Glen Ellyn #41 community. - an old Principal, Doug Craig

    Here's to Lynn Kerr-Rummel for her years of dedication to District #41 and her love for the children of the Glen Ellyn #41 community. an old Principal, Doug Craig

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to all of the fantastic teachers and administration staff at Lincoln! It’s the end of grammar school for our family and I cannot say enough positive accolades to all of the amazing people who have touched the lives of our kids over the last 10 years. You all are selfless, hardworking and truly wonderful. We will miss you!!!  The Niforatos Family

    A shout out to Ben Franklin Librarian/Digital Media Aide, Stephanie Harmon for always greeting everyone student and staff member with a smile. Stephanie helps all students find their library books, assists with returns, fills in on the job in most positions within the school and goes way beyond her job title. Stephanie also helps make the school library a warm and inviting space for all who enter. I am the lucky one to call Stephanie my co-worker. -Carrie Gowans

    Mrs. Gill, thank you for your constant encouragement and making learning fun! We appreciate you! Alex & The Weymouth family

    I would like to shout out to Ms. Owens at Ben Franklin in 3rd Grade. If she is not giving up her precious lunch time to have lunch with kids, she is going to see them on the weekends at their basketball games. She devotes 1000% to her students and it shows in the classroom and beyond.

    I would like to give a shout out to Tanya Pierce, Resource Teacher at Ben Franklin. Every day she shows up and helps these kids get what they need. Additionally, she was a great help to me as it was my first year in a public school (previously private school) and I learned SO much from her about how to meet the needs of students who needed that extra support. Her patience and humor were a huge part of what made this year a success.

    Shout out to Karyn Sorens, who is the opposite of what has become known as a "Karen." She is what I call the "Math Guru" at Ben Franklin. She is so supportive to our third grade team, and made the Eureka Pilot seamless and so smooth. I have learned in so many ways how to elevate my math instruction in so many ways. No matter what, Karyn has her teachers back and is a definite cog in the Ben Franklin wheel of success! ----Bridget Anderson, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Ben Franklin

    Mrs. Taraska is the best! She has endless energy, a positive attitude, and makes learning fun!

    Mrs. Timmins, You are a teacher who brings both learning and happiness! Thanks for all you do for our 1st graders!

    Mrs. Catalano, Your positive energy has helped our kids develop a passion for art. Thank you!

    Shout out to Ms. Passini at Lincoln!

    Mrs. Lee is the absolute best teacher. She is challenging Drew to work harder and learn more and more while still making it so much fun. He comes home daily to tell me all that he learned in math class. I am thankful that he is enjoying it and learning so much from her. Keep up the great work. We appreciate your hard work. Kari Ramirez

    Mrs. Manhatton is an exceptional educator! She puts a great deal of emphasis on building her students' character development. She approaches each student's academic needs with diligence, kindness and compassion. We’re so blessed to have Mrs. Manhatton as our child’s teacher!   -The Knuepfer Family

    I wanted to “sing” some praises for Lincoln’s amazing music teacher, Mrs. Passini! Not only does she make music fun for both of my kids during school, she goes above and beyond with after school music programs too. My 4th grader has enjoyed participating in chorus and drumming club this year, and I was so impressed with how all the kids performed at the spring chorus concert. Mrs. Passini has instilled a love of music in my children and I am so thankful to have such a rockstar teacher at Lincoln!
    -Kristine Kulseth

    Mr. Jordan for making the kids last year at Forest Glen the best! Thank you!

    So thankful for Mrs. Lamantia, who does an amazing job managing a class of 20 first graders! Our first grader enjoys school so much and is really excelling in reading lately! Thank you for recommending his new favorite book series, Good Dog!

    Kudos to Mrs. Spayth who has reignited a love of learning for my child after a few tough Covid years. You make a difference! Thank you for being awesome and I enjoy class~ Kingston Rice

    I would like to start by saying I am so blessed to start everyday with Suzi Smith! She is truly the epitome of Strength and Kindness! I want to share just some of the things she instills in our students everyday. She lets them know that they matter and anything is possible if you try. She challenges them to be thinkers and problem solvers and it's ok to make mistakes-that's how we learn and grow. She wants her students to believe in themselves and know each one of them makes a difference and everyone is special. Mrs. Smith is always encouraging them to be kind and do their best. Anyone who has had the honor of being in her class will no doubt agree that she is.....Strong,Creative,Patient (even on the toughest days), Brave, Compassionate, Gentle, Kind, Encouraging, Generous, Dedicated, Giving, Welcoming, Determined, and a Leader and so much more! Thank you for being someone I can always bounce ideas off of and always listening when I need an ear! Thank you for inspiring not only your students but so many of us.You are a genuine role model for all. YOU are a Rock Star! Thank You-Ms.B

    Mrs. Bishop, thank you for being a great teacher!  I really like how animated you are when you read to us.  I also like that you are caring and patient.  Jonah

    Mrs. Guerrieri, thank you for being kind, caring, and patient with us.  You always explain the lesson well and I appreciate it.  You make Math and Science fun!  Callie

    Mrs. Cox, Thank you for all that you do for your students!  You make learning fun and exciting!  In the words of Nora, "You are the best teacher ever!"

    Mr. Haycraft, thank you for making Ella's 1st year in middle school so memorable. Your kindness, creativity and encouragement made coming to class easy and fun.  What used to be a stressful subject, has now become one of her favorites!  Thank you.  We appreciate you!!

    Mrs Anderson is our daughter's 2nd grade teacher and deserves recognition for being such an amazing, empathetic, and inspirational teacher!!

    Mr. Marchese, Thank you for opening Ella's eyes to the world of music!  She had so much fun and enjoyment learning and practicing the ukulele this year!  We are thankful for encouraging teachers like you who give the students the confidence they need while learning new skills!

    Jen Fornaro is a gift to our school! She is so kind and compassionate with students and families!

    Mrs. Kostner is a wonderful educator! You can tell she enjoys teaching as much as her students enjoy learning from her!   - The Knuepfer Family

    Nurse Katie Adduci is a wonderful asset to Forest Glen and our district! You can tell she really cares about each and every student.