• Strategic Plan


    Desired Future:

    District 41 prepares each student to be a productive and compassionate citizen who is culturally aware and socially responsible. The district ensures that each student is capable of pursuing a passion and pathway with the academic rigor and adaptive skills needed to thrive in an interdependent economy and world.

    By 2027, District 41 will leverage all resources and tools universally and seamlessly to create innovative teaching and learning opportunities.
    • D41 will ensure that students use various media to communicate and collaborate effectively in positive and productive ways.
    • D41 educators will work together to develop and implement instructional strategies that foster inquiry-based skills and exploration.
    • D41 classrooms and schools will use inquiry- and student-centered learning strategies to stimulate critical and creative thought and equip all students with future ready skills.
    • D41 will build and manage systems that allow students, staff and families to explore and learn while centralizing resources to ensure that all materials are known and are capable of being used to their full potential.

    By 2027, District 41 will engage students in an integrated digital ecosystem that increases student engagement, extends and deepens the learning process and cultivates ownership of learning pathways.

    • D41 staff will use digital learning resources to personalize student learning, promote learning pathways and assess student mastery of essential standards.
    • D41 will expand and extend anytime, anywhere learning through the use of digital learning resources.
    • D41 will develop and invest continually in a robust technology infrastructure to support the myriad devices and systems present across the district with the ability to manage and maintain the ever changing instructional and non-instructional demands.
    • D41 will offer ongoing and necessary professional development and learning opportunities for successful and innovative implementation of new technologies, existing/emerging resources and future ready skills.

    By 2027, District 41 will ensure that all students possess the knowledge, skills and habits to be safe and socially responsible consumers and producers of digital information and ideas.

    • D41 will ensure that students are proficient in appropriately selecting and using technology tools to research and learn within and beyond the classroom.
    • D41 will expand its digital citizenship program to help students become conscientious consumers and creators of information.
    • D41 will develop and establish supportive and durable community partnerships that support the implementation of future ready skills and mindsets.


    A Future4Every1