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    Kari Keith - Principal --- Email
    Melissa Groot - Assistant Principal --- Email
    Kathy Maxon - Administrative Assistant --- Email
    Debbie Proska - School Secretary --- Email


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    Contact Last Name         First Name         Grade/Level Position Website
    llozano@d41.org Lozano Luciana  Kindergarten Dual Language Teacher  
    pmertz@d41.org Mertz Patricia Kindergarten Teacher  
    dcassidy@d41.org Cassidy Denise 1st Grade Teacher  
    lyerkes@d41.org Yerkes Laura
    1st Grade
    Dual Language
    wcrouch@d41.org Crouch Whitney 2nd Grade Literacy
    mpetramale@d41.org Petramale Megan 1st Grade FLES Teacher  
     aknapp@d41.orgKnapp Andrea FLES Teacher 
    wflores@d41.org Flores Walter
    3rd Grade Math
    Dual Language
    awagner2@d41.org Wagner Amy K - AM
    Title I - PM
    Teacher chl2lit.weebly.com
    pwitte@d41.org Witte Priscilla 3rd Grade Literacy Teacher chl2lit.weebly.com
    mdominguez@d41.org Rojas Mayra Multigrade Dual Language Interventionist  
    kdoyle@d41.org Doyle Kristy 2nd/3rd Grade Literacy Teacher chl2lit.weebly.com
    dlazzara@d41.org Lazzara Deborah 2nd Grade STEAM Teacher  
    sselzer@d41.org Selzer Susan
    2nd Grade Literacy
    Dual Language
    Teacher chl2lit.weebly.com
    jcalderon@d41.org Calderon Jacquelyn 2nd Grade Dual Language Teacher  
    dagger@d41.org Agger Denise 3rd Grade STEAM Teacher ch3rdgradesteam.weebly.com
    mskogsberg@d41.org Skogsberg Marilyn 2nd Grade STEAM Teacher  
    cebert@d41.org Ebert Carrie 4th Grade Literacy Teacher cebertd41.weebly.com

    dking@d41.org King David 5th Grade STEAM Teacher
    jtorne@d41.org Torne James 4th Grade Literacy
    ncrifase@d41.org Crifase Nic 4th Grade STEAM Teacher
    ktravers@d41.org Travers Kristin 4th Grade STEAM Teacher
    kaldrich@d41.org  AldrichDee Dee  Multigrade Digital Literacy Specialist 
    kwheeler@d41.org Wheeler Kayla 5th Grade Literacy Teacher
    nguerrero@d41.org Guerrero Nicole 5th Grade STEAM Teacher classroom.google.com
    Slater Stacy 5th Grade Literacy Teacher
    csiwicki@d41.org Siwicki Christine Multigrade Art Teacher
    mcouzens@d41.org Couzens Michelle Multigrade Music Teacher  
    jweiland@d41.org Weiland Janet Multigrade Band Teacher D41BeginningBand.weebly.com
    galemis@d41.org Alemis Georgia Multi-grade Orchestra Teacher www.d41orchestra.org
    rfeuerborn@d41.org Feuerborn Rita Multi-grade Orchestra Teacher www.d41orchestra.org
    bbarker@d41.org Barker Brent Multigrade PE Teacher
    sborter@d41.org Borter Sharon 0.5 PE
    PE Teacher  
    mkatarzy@d41.org Katarzynski Mary Lou Multigrade PE Teacher
    sick@d41.org Ick Sharon Multigrade ENL Teacher  
    rmendez@d41.org  Mendez Rocio
    Multigrade Dual Language Aide
    irentas@d41.org Ortiz Rentas Ivette
    1st Grade
    Dual Language
    sstout@d41.org Stout Stacey Multigrade Literacy Coach  
    rlynn@d41.org Lynn Rachel Multigrade ENL Teacher  
    hwittenberg@d41.org  Wittenberg Haley
    3rd Grade
    Dual Literacy
    gvanmaanen@d41.org Van Maanen Grace Kindergarten Title I Extended Intervention Teacher  
    lvelasquez@d41.org  Velasquez Loida Kindergarten Title I Extended Intervention Aide  
    chernandez@d41.org Hernandez Claudia Multigrade ELL/Bilingual Aide  
    tfornier@d41.org Fournier Tran Multigrade ENL/ESL Teacher  
    lkroehnke@d41.org Kroehnke Lisa Multigrade ENL Teacher  
    fshakil@d41.org Shakil Farkhanda Multigrade ENL Aide  
    lhildner@d41.org Hildner Lynna Multigrade Math Coach  
    jzukauskas@d41.org Zukauskas Julie Multigrade Special Education  
    sduckhorn@d41.org Duckhorn Sarah Multigrade Special Ed. Resource Teacher  
    ecorona@d41.org Corona Esther Multigrade Special Ed Aide  
    mzabinski@d41.org Zabinski Mary Multigrade Special Ed.Resource Teacher  
    jdisilvestro@d41.org  DiSilvestro Janet Multigrade Special Ed Aide  
    nclegg@d41.org Clegg Nicki 1st Grade Teacher  
    khalden@d41.orgHalden Kara Multigrade Library Media Aide  
    tallen@d41.org Allen Tami Multigrade AEC Teacher  
    vmagana@d41.org Magana Veronica Multigrade Psychologist  
    jwenzlaff@d41.org Duvalsaint Julie Multigrade Social Worker  
    cponce@d41.org Ponce Camille Multigrade Speech Pathologist  
    rjablonski@d41.org  Jablonski Rachel Multigrade Speech/Language  
    aanderson@d41.org Anderson Amy Multigrade Reading/Math Assistant  
    adorado@d41.org Dorado Angelli Multigrade Reading/Math Assistant  
    kschoenle@d41.org Schoenle
    Kristin Multigrade Reading/Math Assistant  
    anaples@d41.org Naples Amy Multigrade Reading/Math Assistant  
    krisley@d41.org Risley Kendra Multigrade Reading/Math Assistant  
    jsteinhilber@d41.org Steinhilber Julie 1st Grade

    Multigrade Special Ed Aide  
    smayer@d41.org Mayer Sarah Multigrade Tech Support  
    nconnolly@d41.org Connolly Nancy Multigrade Health, Nurse d41.org/domain/262
    rseifert@d41.org Seifert Rachel Multigrade Registered Nurse

    jtellez@d41.org Tellez Javier   Custodian - Head  
    gstarovas@d41.org Starovas Georgios   Custodian - Night  
    kjorgi@d41.org Jorgi Kristaq   Custodian - Night

    Multigrade Spanish Home School Liaison  
    ckellam@d41.org Kellam Christina Multigrade PBL Coach  
    kmoore@d41.org Moore Keri Multigrade OT  
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