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    Amanda Kanter - Principal ---  Email
    Timothy Shermak - Assistant Principal --- Email
    Kathy Maxon - Administrative Assistant --- Email
    Elizabeth Boonstra - Secretary --- Email


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    Contact Last Name         First Name         Grade/Level Position Website
    email Aldrich Dee Dee  Multigrade Digital Literacy Specialist  
    email Allen Tami Multigrade AEC Teacher  
      Uligaj Rezart   Custodian  
      Ilo Kecka   Night Custodian  
    email Bacarella Julia 3rd Grade Dual English Teacher  
    email Barker Brent Multigrade PE Teacher  
    email Barrile Kathryn Kindergarten  Teacher  
    email Bjorklund Emma 3rd Grade Teacher  
    email Ali Ammara 3rd Grade Teacher  
    email Nevarez Gladis 2nd Grade Dual Language Spanish Teacher  
    email Ganser Heather 3rd Grade Teacher  
    email Cossio  John 3rd Grade Dual Language Spanish Teacher  
    email Couzens Michelle Multigrade Music Teacher  
    email Danielle Mendez Multigrade   Special Ed Aide    
    email Sultanali   Naveen  Multigrade Special Ed Aide  
    email Ahmed Mariam Multigrade Reading Math Assistant  
    email Tusha Albana Multigrade Special Ed Aide  
    email Corona Esther Multigrade Special Ed Aide  
    email Gamboa Griselda Multigrade Special Ed Aide    
    email Malachi Mary Multigrade Special Ed Aide  
    email Novara Kristen Multigrade Special Ed Aide  
    email Smith  Samiria  Multigrade   Special Ed Aide    
    email President Neil Multigrade   Special Ed Aide    
    email Crouch Whitney 1st Grade Teacher  
    email Dorado Angelli Multigrade ELL Aide  
    email Doyle Kristy 2nd Grade Teacher  
    email Dudley Ericka  4th Grade  Teacher  
    email Duvalsaint Julie Multigrade Social Worker  
    email Smith Katie Multigrade Social Worker    
    email Ebert Carrie 2nd Grade  Teacher cebertd41.weebly.com
    email Kearley Eleanor Multigrade Bilingual Spanish Liaison  
    email Feuerborn Rita Multigrade Orchestra Teacher orchestra website
    email Marzullo Tiffany
    Bilingual Interventionist  
    email Echevarria Daiana  5th Grade Dual Language English Teacher  
    email Molinar Melissa 1st Grade Dual Language Spanish   Teacher  
    email Fournier Tran Multigrade ENL Teacher  
    email Van Gorp Carol  Multigrade Literacy Coach  
    email Halden Kara Multigrade Library Media Aide  
    email Hernandez Claudia Kindergarten Dual Language ELL Aide  
    email Vogelsanger Courtney 5th Grade  Teacher  
    email Ick Sharon Multigrade ENL Teacher  
    email Katarzynski Mary Lou Multigrade PE Teacher  
    email Knapp  Andrea Multigrade FLES Teacher  
    email Kramer Katherine 5th Grade  Teacher classroom.google.com
    email Kroehnke Lisa Multigrade ENL Teacher  
    email Lazzara Deborah 2nd Grade Teacher  
    email Lozano Luciana Kindergarten Dual Language Teacher  
    email Jaramillo Rachel Multigrade ENL Teacher  
    email Magana Veronica Multigrade Psychologist  
    email Roberts William   Tech Support  
    email Mertz Patricia Kindergarten Teacher  
    email Petramale Megan Multigrade FLES Teacher  
    email Pattermann Rachel 3rd Grade Teacher  
    email Rotela Alex Multigrade Bilingual Interventionist  
    email Scheuller Sandra  Multigrade Bilingual Resource Teacher  
    email Simarusti Sarina Multigrade Resource  
    email Seifert Rachel   Certified School Nurse  
    Please use THIS SECURE LINK to send any health information.
    Miller Jeanesse   Registered Nurse  
    email Meneses Michelle 5th Grade Dual Language Spanish  Teacher  
    email Siwicki Christine Multigrade Art Teacher  
    email Shakil Farkhanda  Multigrade ELL Aide  
    email Stachowiak Julie 1st grade   Teacher  
    email Stahr Tiffany  4th grade Teacher  
    email Jimenez Rylee   SPED Resource  
    email Tedford Jil Lyn 2nd grade Dual Language English Teacher  
    email Steinhilber Julie 1st Grade Teacher  
      Torres Lionel   Custodian  
    email Casas Janice Multigrade ENL Teacher  
    email Myhyrdari Sara 4th Grade Dual Language English Teacher  
    email Travers Kristin 4th Grade Teacher
    email Syziu Herion   Custodian - Head  
    email Lopez Jennifer Multigrade ELL Aide  
    email Wagner Amy Kindergarten Teacher  
    email Pressly Elle Multigrade Band Teacher band website
    email Love Melissa
    5th Grade
    email Buchholz GypseLee Multigrade   Speech Pathologist    
    email McNamara Andrea Multigrade Speech Pathologist  
    email Dunham Jen Multigrade   PT  
    email Hodson   Julie    Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist  
    email Yerkes Laura
    1st Grade
    Dual Language English
    email Zukauskas Julie Multigrade Resource  
    email Kerstin Kimberly Multigrade Resource  
    email Roderick Brittney Multigrade Resource  
    email Lawson Katie Multigrade Math Coach  
    email Ramirez Evelyn 4th grade Dual - Spanish Teacher  
    email Sear Linda Multigrade Reading Math Assistant  
    email Oda Lauren Multigrade   Reading Math Assistant    
    email Hatzos-Skintges Catherine  Multigrade Reading Math Assistant   
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