• Strategic Plan

    Our Mission, Our Values

    Our Vision
    Ignite passion. Inspire excellence. Imagine possibilities.

    Our Mission
    We embrace an optimistic future in partnership with families on behalf of our community’s children. We educate the whole child by developing intellect and curiosity, engaging creativity, fostering responsibility and citizenship while building positive and collaborative relationships. We establish a foundation for our students that leads to post-secondary opportunities and success.

    Our Values
    Our values are the cornerstones of our learning community and inform our actions on behalf of all children.

    • We expect honesty, integrity and ethical behavior from all members of our learning community.
    • We empower every child to become a self-directed lifelong learner.
    • We emphasize critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and compassion, which are essential to success, timeless in their importance, and are the basis of future learning.
    • We engage all learners in a robust, well-rounded, whole-child education to close and prevent opportunity and achievement gaps, beginning with our earliest learners.
    • We cultivate a culture of inclusion, acceptance, and belonging in our classrooms and schools where diversity is celebrated.
    • We assume all children can learn at high levels when provided with differentiated instruction and supports.

    Our Foundational Pillars
    Our foundational pillars are the crosscutting interdependent attributes that are central to realizing our hopeful vision and in which the entire Glen Ellyn strategic plan rests.

    • Learner centered - To address the needs of the whole child, we will attend to the social, emotional, cognitive, physical, mental health, and trauma-based needs of learners. Through intentional and strategic collaboration, we ensure that each and every student gets what they need when they need it.
    • Equity driven - To meet the needs of and facilitate growth for our diverse learners, we will foster a culture of inclusion where all children, families, and staff are embraced and valued equally, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic circumstance, or ability.
    • Future focused - To prepare future-ready learners and citizens, we will ensure that learning experiences address the adaptive skills needed to thrive in an increasingly interdependent, technology driven, and global economy and society.
    • Data informed - To ensure fair and reasonable accountability for results, we are committed to using multiple measures of student, school, and district performance data to inform action and improvement efforts.

    A Future4Every1