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    What can I do to assist my child in achieving success in the Dual Language program?
    Teachers of the Dual Language program will make every effort to ensure the work that is sent home can be done independently. Homework assignments or activities will reinforce work that has been done in class. The teachers will use the homework to measure what students have learned and what may need to be practiced further in class. If your child is ever frustrated or doesn’t understand the work, please contact your child's teacher. Below are some additional tips to assist your child in being successful within a Dual Language Program:

    • Make sure your child has a quiet place to work and time to complete their assignments.
    • Check to make sure your child’s homework is completed to his or her best ability.
    • Provide encouragement and excitement around your child learning a second language. The more interest you have in the language, the more exciting it will be for your child.
    • Many cognates (words that are spelled similarly i.e. círculo/circle) exist between languages. Your child will begin seeing these cognates in Math and Science and you will be surprised at how much you will understand. Practice these with your children or point them out in books when you see them in your nightly reading.
    • It would be helpful to have a Spanish/English Dictionary in the home.
    • Ask your children to explain papers that they bring home or about their day's learning. A simple conversation will help you see that although the instruction may have been in Spanish, they can tell you what they learned in English. These conversations will reinforce what they are learning.
    • If you begin to see a lack of understanding or frustration please contact the teacher. Quick intervention and strong communication are essential to student success.

    Helpful Resources

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    Children's Books Forever
    The Spanish Experiment
    Free Kids Books
    Glen Ellyn Public Library - Digital Library
    Open Source Materials in Spanish

    Below are some useful Dual Language Program videos from YouTube, organized here for your convenience.







    If I have additional questions, who can I contact?
    You can contact Theresa Ulrich at Central Office at 630-534-7251 or by email at tulrich@d41.org.