• Frequently Asked Questions

    On April 4, 2017, Glen Ellyn School District 41 residents will vote on a $24.2 million bond referendum that would eliminate portables by building a new classroom addition at Hadley Junior High as well as address major infrastructure and safety issues at all of our District 41 schools.

    If approved, what specific projects will the bonds fund?
    • Eliminate portable classrooms with a new addition at Hadley Junior High School
    • Address some infrastructure and health life safety issues at all schools
    • Add additional ADA accessible restrooms at all of the schools
    • Enhance safety with a secure entrance at Churchill School
    • Reduce congestion in the neighborhood around Hadley by adding a bus lane on district property
    Why does the district want to eliminate portable classrooms?
    Portable classrooms began arriving in District 41 in 2001. Over time, the district added 32 portables being used at all five schools. In 2014, the Board of Education voted to invest $14 million to remove portable classrooms at the elementary schools due to safety concerns and loss of academic time when students leave the portables to go to another classroom or to the restroom. Today, 10 portable classrooms remain at Hadley Junior High School. The portable classrooms are meant to be a temporary solution. The district is required to provide an annual report to the State of Illinois on the condition of the portables and a plan for removal in the future.

    What is the impact of my taxes if the community does support and what is the impact of my taxes if the community does not support the referendum?
    In both cases, taxes will go down for the Glen Ellyn School District 41 portion of your tax bill.

    In 2018, the District will pay off bonds that funded past building projects. This reduction of debt payments gives the community an opportunity to invest the $24.2 million to address some facilities needs at our schools and have a tax decrease over the taxes paid in 2016. For example: If a community member pays $8,000 in 2016, the District 41 debt portion of their tax bill would decrease by approximately $85.

    If the referendum does not pass, for a community member who pays $8,000 in 2016, the District 41 debt portion of their tax bill would decrease by approximately $199 on the District 41 debt portion of their tax bill.

     Note: This information is based off the average tax bill of the five communities District 41 serves (Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Wheaton) 

    How much is the total debt service, including the "All In True Interest" cost?
    The 20 year total principal and interest payments for the $24.2 proposed referendum bonds at an estimated all in true interest cost of 4.230% will be $38,476,708 million. With one more payment remaining on the previous bonds, the total of the bonds with principal and interest is $40,873,000.

    Interest rates are subject to change and this information is intended as an estimate only; the actual interest rate will be determined at the time of the bond sale if the referendum is successful. Click Here for more information presented by William Blair & Co.

    Why are we addressing infrastructure in this proposal?
    Infrastructure projects are included in the referendum because the projects are large and go beyond maintenance. The district annually allocates up to $2-3 million for infrastructure projects to cover all six of the buildings in the district. The district will continue to maintain all of our buildings moving forward with these budgeted district funds.

    What facility needs is this proposal not addressing?
    The referendum does not include:
    • Adding space for full-day kindergarten at the elementary schools
    • Building new space for a cafeteria and/or music to Hadley Junior High School
      (Note: The district is looking at how to be creative with the possible new addition and how we can address some improvements for music)
    The Board of Education and the district will continue conversations with our parents and the community about how to address the remaining facilities needs not included in the referendum.

    How much money does the district have in reserves?
    The total District 41 fund balance per the 6/30/2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Statement is $14,866,662. The fund balance is divided between restricted and unrestricted funds. Of the $14,866,662 in fund balance, $2,818,340 is restricted, which is used to pay for the district’s IMRF, Social Security and debt obligations. The remaining $12,048,322 is the unrestricted fund balance. The unreserved fund balance as of June 30 of each fiscal year on a fully accrued basis (Education, Tort, Working Cash, Operations and Maintenance and Transportation) shall be maintained at 25% of operating expenses in order to continue to provide the community with uninterrupted programs or services.