• Long-Range Plan

    Our Vision

    Ignite passion. Inspire excellence. Imagine possibilities.

    Our Mission

    We embrace the future with optimism, working in partnership with our community on behalf of our children. We develop intellect, engage creativity, foster responsibility, and build positive and collaborative relationships to enable all children to thrive in a changing and increasingly global society.

    Our Values

    Our values are the cornerstones of our learning community and direct the actions we take; we must model, teach and live them throughout the district.
    • We expect honesty, integrity and ethical behavior of all members of our learning community.
    • We empower every child to become a self-directed lifelong learner capable of creative and critical thinking.
    • We emphasize written and oral skills which are essential to success, timeless in their importance and are the basis of future learning.
    • We encourage flexibility and adaptability knowing they are necessary to succeed in a global and diverse society.
    • We leverage our resources and technology to create powerful and equitable educational environments and experiences for all learners.

    Adopted Sept. 15, 2008

    “It’s our future...OWN IT!” 
    That phrase is our short-hand for the district’s 2011-2016 Long-Range Plan. We wanted to give the plan a straightforward name that highlights the role all of us—leaders, staff, students and community members—play in bringing the plan alive,” 

  • Long-Range Plan
  • Our Positive Core
  • Transformative Actions