• Staff Directory

    Jeff Burke - Principal --- Email
    Sarah Rodriguez - Assistant Principal --- Email
    Cindy Johnson - Administrative Assistant --- Email
    Rani McKee - School Secretary --- rmckee@d41.org


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    Contact Last NameFirst Name Grade Position Website
    ajensky@d41.org Jensky Arlyne 1st Grade Teacher  
    anelson@d41.org Nelson Ana K Teacher  
    dsanew@d41.org Sanew Danielle Teacher  
    aschlabach@d41.org Schlabach Ann K Teacher  
    melste@d41.org Elste Mary 1st Grade Teacher  
    dninow@d41.org Ninow Dezirae 1st Grade Teacher  
    sbattaglia@d41.org Battaglia Samantha Multi-grade   Resource Inclusion  
    lmarquez@d41.org Marquez Lisa FLES Teacher sramarquez.weebly.com
    ataylor@d41.org Taylor Alex FLES Teacher  
    Schremp Brian 1st Grade Teacher  
    pgill@d41.org Gill Patty 2nd Grade Teacher  
    jdoyle@d41.org Doyle Joan 2nd Grade Teacher  
    Rumel Lynn  2nd GradeTeacher 
    lmoon@d41.org Moon Lisa 2nd Grade Teacher  
    jmckeever@d41.org McKeever Jennifer 3rd Steam Teacher  
    rjones@d41.org Jones Randy 4th Steam Teacher  
     jcox@d41.orgCoxJaime3rd LiteracyTeacher 
    mspratt@d41.org Spratt Michelle 5th Literacy Teacher  
    jfilmer@d41.org Filmer Jane 4th Literacy Teacher
    jbower@d41.org Bower John 3rd Steam Teacher  
    ldallman@d41.org Dallman Lucy Multi-grade Art Teacher  
    dstimac@d41.org Stimac Danielle 5th Steam Teacher  
    lmalay@d41.org Malay Laura 5th Literacy Teacher
    tsalach@d41.org Salach Tiffanie 5th Steam Teacher  
    smith@d41.org Smith Suzana AEC-Math Teacher  
    sthomas@d41.org Thomas Susie 4th & 5th Steam Teacher classroom.google.com/h

    Multi-grade Music - Teacher
    rfeuerborn@d41.org Feuerborn Rita Multi-grade Music - Orchestra d41orchestra.org
    jweiland@d41.org Weiland Janet Multi-grade Music - Band D41BeginningBand.weebly.com
    acuci@d41.org Cuci Alket   Custodian - Head  
    akolce@d41.org Kolce Bill   Custodian - Night  
    psarolli@d41.org Sarolli Piro   Custodian - Night  
    mmccausland@d41.org McCausland Molly Multi-grade SAC
    mwalgren@d41.org Walgren Maureen Multi-grade Health - Nurse  
    kdornfeld@d41.org Fallon Kerry Multi-grade CASE - OT  
    mnardella@d41.org Nardella Michele Multi-grade Resource Inclusion  
    agrewe@d41.org Grewe Aly Multi-grade SAC  
    mdiebold@d41.org Diebold Mary Multi-grade Para Professional  
    dkalebic@d41.org Kalebic Deb Multi-grade Para Professional  
    tpearce@d41.org Pearce Tanya Multi-grade Resource Inclusion  
    ssteen@d41.org Steen Shannon Multi-grade Literacy Specialist  
    kjohnson@d41.org Johnson Katie Multi-grade Digital Literacy Specialist
    dmcgavock@d41.org McGavock Debbie Multi-grade Tech Support  
    khillenbrand@d41.org Hillenbrand Karen Multi-gradePara Professional  
    tsaenz@d41.org Saenz Taroh Multi-grade ENL  
    sconklin@d41.org Conklin Samantha Multi-grade SAC  
    rlandon@d41.org Landon Rachael Multi-grade Para Professional  
    poliver@d41.org Oliver Peg Multi-grade Para Professional  
    kbehrendt@d41.org Behrendt Karin Multi-grade Para Professional   
    chanson@d41.org Hanson Christina    Multi-grade ENL
    dpayne@d41.org Payne Dawn Multi-grade PE - Teacher franklinpe.weebly.com
    imccausland@d41.org McCausland Ian Multi-grade PE - Teacher franklinpe.weebly.com
    fmurphy@d41.orgMurphyFrancie  Multi-grade Reading Assistant  
    jtinsley@d41.org Tinsley Jody Multi-grade Reading Assistant  
    rjablonski@d41.org Jablonski Rachael Multi-grade Speech Pathologist  

    Multi-gradeSpeech Pathologist   
    sgillmar@d41.orgGillmar Sara  Multi-grade Social Worker
    gsafien@d41.org Safien Grace Multi-grade Social Worker - MIP  
    thekma@d41.org Hekma Tommy 4th & 5th Literacy Teacher  
    jporcelius@d41.org Porcelius Jaimie 3rd Literacy Teacher  
    jdunham@d41.org Dunham Jen Multi-grade Physical Therapy  
    lcanfield@d41.org Canfield Lauren Multi-grade Psychologist  
    agale@d41.org Gale Aaron Multi-grade Math Aide  
     dcampbell@d41.orgCampbell Debbie Multi-grade Digital Media Aide  
    aklingele@d41.org Klingele Anna Multi-grade Para Professional  
    kmorrow@d41.org Morrow Kami  Multi-gradePara Professional  
    sseidler@d41.org Seidler Shannon Multi-grade Para Professional  
    cwalton@d41.org Walton Christopher Multi-grade Para Professional  
    jweiderski@d41.org Weiderski Jodi Multi-grade Para Professional