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    Jeff Burke - Principal --- Email
    Jamie Linder - Assistant Principal --- Email
    Peg Oliver - Administrative Assistant --- Email
    Nancy Pollack  - School Secretary --- Email


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    Contact Last Name First Name Grade Position Website
    email Jensky Arlyne 1st Grade Teacher  
    email Nelson Anne 2nd Grade Teacher  
    email Dentinger Patty K Teacher  
    email Schremp Ana 1st Grade Teacher  
    email Nilsson Sarah   1st Grade Teacher  
    email Isaacson  Emily  3rd Grade  Teacher   
    email Sanew Danielle K Teacher  
    email Lamantia Deborah 1st Grade Teacher  
    email Bruns Dezirae 1st Grade Teacher  
    email Marquez Lisa FLES Teacher sramarquez.weebly.com
    email Lehmann Sydney 5th Grade Teacher  
    email Schultheis Nicki FLES   Teacher    
    email Taylor Alex FLES Teacher  
    email Soerens Karyn Multi-grade Math Coach  
    email Gill Patty 2nd Grade Teacher  
    email Doyle Joan 2nd Grade Teacher  
    email Audy Sydney 2nd Grade Teacher  
    email Moon Lisa 2nd Grade Teacher  
    email McKeever Jennifer 3rd Grade Teacher  
    email Salach Tiffanie 4th Grade Teacher  
    email Dewaal Emily 3rd Grade Teacher  
    email Cox Jaime 3rd Grade Teacher  
    email Dallman Lucy Multi-grade Art Teacher  
    email Malay Laura 4th Grade Teacher  
    email Hickey Cailin 5th Grade Teacher  
    email Bower John 5th Grade Teacher  
    email Ward Brett AEC-Math Teacher  
    email Porcelius Jamie 4th Grade Teacher  
    email Van Duzor Billy Multi-grade Music - Teacher  
    email Feuerborn Rita Multi-grade Music - Orchestra orchestra website
    email Pressly Elle Multi-grade Music - Band band website
    email Cuci Alket   Custodian - Head  
    email Kolce Bill   Custodian - Night  
    email Sarolli Piro   Custodian - Night  
    email O'Connell Bridget Multi-grade Resource Inclusion  
    Please use THIS SECURE LINK to send any health information.
    Walgren Maureen Multi-grade Health - Nurse  
    email Seifert Rachel Multi-grade Certified School Nurse  
    email Nardella Michele Multi-grade Resource Inclusion  
    email Pearce Tanya Multi-grade Resource Inclusion  
    email Goodwin Dan Multi-grade Literacy Coach  
    email Johnson Katie Multi-grade Digital Literacy Specialist  
    email Lundh Christina   Instructional Assistant  
    email Campbell Debbie Multi-grade Tech Support  
    email Strong Taroh Multi-grade ESL  
    email Chvatal Jake Multi-grade PE - Teacher franklinpe.weebly.com
    email McCausland Ian Multi-grade PE - Teacher franklinpe.weebly.com
    email Morten Brianna Multi-grade Para Professional  
    email Meer Nancy Multi-grade Speech Language Pathologist   
    email McGinnis Jessica     Speech and Language  
    email Neitling Alexander    Special Ed Teacher  
    email Inglis Ashley Multi-grade   Special Ed Resource   
    email Reiken   Marcia     Special Ed Teacher    
    email Brillantes Laura   Special Ed Aide  
    email Jassim Nichole   Aide  
    email Black Paul Multi-grade Social Worker  
    email VanMelkebeke Jordan  Multi-grade Social Worker  
    email Smith Suzi 5th Grade Teacher  
    email Gill Dahlia 3rd Grade Teacher  
    email Moxley  Kristina Multi-grade Psychologist  
    email Grimm Rebekah Multi-grade Physical Therapy  
    email Kuoni Sarah Multi-grade  Occupational Therapy  
    email Harman Stephanie Multi-grade  Digital Media Aide   
    email Buczkiewicz Nancy Multi-grade  Para Professional   
    email Klingele  Anna  Multi-grade  Para Professional   
    email Seidler  Shannon  Multi-grade  Para Professional   
    email Metry   Tiffany  4th Grade Teacher  
    email Trierweiler Katherine   Teacher  
    email Schuetz Natalie   Reading/Math Assistant  
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