• Strategic Planning Process

    Committee Members

    Name Group
    Carla Olsen Parent/Community
    Chris Nelson Parent/Community
    Christine Guare (Pope) Parent/Community
    Greg McKibben Parent/Community
    Kelly Hane Parent/Community
    Lisa Brooks Parent/Community
    Liza Sury Parent/Community
    Nadia Aslam Parent/Community
    Qudsia Siddiqui Parent/Community
    Dawn Bussey Parent/Community
    Jackie Reeves Parent/Community
    Tiffany Ruddle Parent/Community
    Rob Wilkinson Parent/Community
    Kathy Maxon AFSCME
    Annie Robinson GEEA
    Dina Sbarra GEEA
    Gia Kunkel GEEA
    Gina Newstrom GEEA
    Ian Armstrong GEEA
    Lauren Crowe GEEA
    Mayra Kulik GEEA
    Mayra Rojas GEEA
    Mirela Pajcini GEEA
    Tracy Guerrieri GEEA
    Whitney Crouch GEEA
    Nick Papineau GEEA
    Hillary Morse GEEA
    Allison Ritter GEEA
    Jeff Burke Administration
    Rachel Solomon Administration
    Sarah Rodriguez Administration
    Scott Klespitz Administration
    Steve Diveley Administration
    Brian Schremp Administration
    Jamie Mahan-Linder Administration
    Chuck Brewster Administration
    Sarah Taitel Administration
    Bob Guzzetti Administration
    Amanda Connell Administration
    Julie Hill BOE
    Tayyaba Syed BOE
    Andrew Peterman Cabinet
    Dave Scarmardo Cabinet
    Eric DePorter Cabinet
    Erika Krehbiel Cabinet
    Katie McCluskey Cabinet
    Laurel O'Brien Cabinet
    Marci Conlin Cabinet
    Melissa Kaczkowski Cabinet
    Nancy Mogk Cabinet
    Theresa Ulrich Cabinet
    Amana Miriam Hadley Student
    Maggie Fischer West Student
    Abbie Herbold West Student
    Ashlynn Kousgaard West Student
    Blake Noble West Student

    Goal Area Teams

    Dr. K will serve as support for all teams

    Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment

    Laurel O’Brien Director of Student Services
    Theresa Ulrich Director of Language Services
    Jeff Burke Principal, Ben Franklin (K-5)
    Chuck Brewster Assistant Principal, Churchill (K-5)
    Betsy Buckley District Special Education Coordinator
    Katie Barille Kindergarten Teacher, Churchill (K-5)
    Jenna McCallister District Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    Teresa Shea EL Teacher (6-8)
    Kelley Vail 4th Gr Teacher, Abraham Lincoln (K-5)

    Social Emotional Learning

    Katie McCluskey Assistant Superintendent, Teaching, Learning & Accountability
    Marci Conlin Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
    Sarah Rodriguez Principal, Abraham Lincoln (K-5)
    Sarah Tatiel Assistant Principal, Forest Glen (PK-5)
    Jamie Mahan-Linder Assistant Principal, Ben Franklin (K-5)
    Janice Casas 4th Grade Dual Language Teacher, Churchill (K-5)
    Sara Gillmar School Social Worker, Ben Franklin (K-5)
    Mariola Kosinski School Social Worker, Hadley Jr High (6-8)

    Early Learning and Facility Improvements

    Eric DePorter Assistant Superintendent, Finance, Facilities and Operations
    Dave Scarmardo Director of Buildings and Grounds
    Scott Klespitz Principal, Forest Glen (PK-5)
    Bob Guzzetti Assistant Principal, Hadley Jr. High (6-8)
    Jamie Andonopoulos PreK Teacher, Forest Glen (PK-5)
    Samantha Rajcevich PreK Teacher, Forest Glen (PK-5)
    Mayra Rojas District Early Childhood Coordinator

    Future Ready Skills and Innovation

    Andrew Peterman Director of Innovation and Technology
    Steve Diveley Principal, Hadley Jr. High, (6-8)
    Brian Schremp Assistant Principal, Abraham Lincoln (K-5)
    Chris Abbott Digital Literacy Specialist (6-8)
    Alex Farnaus District Network Engineer
    Nick Papineau Problem Based Learning Coach (Elementary)

    Community Partnership & Engagement

    Erika Krehbiel Chief Communications Officer
    Rachel Solomon Principal, Churchill (K-5)
    Mandy Connell Assistant Principal, Hadley Jr. High (6-8)
    Beth Courtney Administrative Assistant, Forest Glen (PK-5)
    Nancy Mogk Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
    Gaby Escobar Hernandez District Spanish Liaison
    Katie Reed EL Teacher (6-8) & Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center Staff
    Amy Sabalaskey Administrative Assistant, Abraham Lincoln (K-5)