• Food Allergies

    Please notify your school nurse immediately so accommodations and plans can be put in place to safely meet the needs of your student.

    Glen Ellyn District 41 schools support a safe educational environment for all students. Allergen safe tables are available as needed in the lunchrooms. Classroom parties must be celebrated at school without food. Any extracurricular activities including food shall require an exemption procedure form which must be submitted and approved by the principal and nurse prior to planned activities (see AP 7:285E1) For more information, please contact the school nurse at your child's school. 

    More information regarding food allergies can be found on the following link.

    Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan
    Please complete the following form if your child has a food allergy that the school needs to be aware of, especially if they will have an epi-pen available at school.
    Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan

    Modified Lunch Menu

    Quest Food

    If a child needs a modified hot lunch menu due to his food allergies/intolerances, the district has a process to request a modification. A modified lunch menu request form must be completed and submitted to the school office. The school office staff will forward the completed forms to the District 41 Food Service Supervisor.

    Modified Menu Request Form