• Grade Level Essential Standards

    Essential standards are a carefully selected subset of the total list of the grade‐specific and course‐specific standards within each content area that students must know and be able to do by the end of each school year in order to be prepared to enter the next grade level or course. Essential Standards do not represent all that is taught at that grade level, rather they represent the minimum a student must learn to reach high levels of learning.

    Essential standards have three key components: Endurance: Knowledge and skills of value beyond a single test date. Leverage: Knowledge and skills of value in multiple disciplines. Readiness For the Next Level of Learning; Knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in the next grade level or in the next level of instruction.

    This page is designed to give you an overview of the essential standards students will be learning at each grade level. This overview may assist you when you have conversations about classroom work with your child's teacher and as you reinforce learning concepts at home with your children.

    Curriculum is different from academic standards in that standards define what students are expected to learn in a particular subject and grade, and a curriculum defines how teachers will teach to ensure students learn the standards. A high-quality, research based curriculum has a significant impact on the quality of student learning.

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  • Kindergarten Essential Skills

  • 1st Grade Essential Skills

  • 2nd Grade Essential Skills

  • 3rd Grade Essential Skills

  • 4th Grade Essential Skills

  • 5th Grade Essential Skills

  • 6th Grade Essential Skills

  • 7th Grade Essential Skills

  • 8th Grade Math Essential Skills

  • 8th Grade Algebra Essential Skills

  • 8th Grade Literacy Essential Skills