• Communications

    Erika Krehbiel
    Erika Krehbiel
    Chief Communications Officer
    Ken Harbauer
    Digital Communications Specialist

    The Communications Department serves as the main connection between the school district and the community. The goal is to build relationships with stakeholders through communication and community engagement opportunities. The Chief Communications Officer manages district specific external communication, community engagement, crisis communication, and media relations.

    Some communication tools created and managed by the communications department include the district annual report, District Digest weekly e-newsletter, Connect41 print newsletter, student handbook, social media, and the district and school websites.

    We hope this biannual newsletter helps connect the school district with the overall community, including those who do not currently have children in our schools.

    - Fall 2017
    - May 2017
    - November 2016
    - November 2015
    - May 2016

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