• Strategic Plan


    Desired Future:

    District 41 has made significant investments in facility improvements for engaging, supportive and inclusive learning environments, beginning with early learning expansion. Safe, accessible and student-centered indoor and outdoor learning spaces are designed to support the whole community, whole system and whole learner.  Providing safe and inclusive learning environments will ensure our current and future students will have optimal spaces which promote the highest level of academic growth and achievement.

    By 2027, District 41 and its early learning partners will develop and implement a comprehensive plan to provide age-appropriate learning opportunities that address the needs of our community.
    • D41 will identify and collaborate with additional early learning partners in the community.
    • D41 will implement full-day kindergarten.
    • D41 will develop articulated and seamless early learning programs.

    By 2027, District 41 will make pre-kindergarten programs available for all children ages 3-5 who are identified as high-need learners, and will provide support to ensure that they are "school-ready".
    • D41 will develop a flexible calendar with programs focused on meeting the needs of our earliest high-need learners.
    • D41 will expand Child-Find efforts.
    • D41 will implement a parent and caregiver development program to build family learning support and  accommodate parent training and collaboration opportunities.

    By 2027, District 41 will implement a plan to develop appropriate facilities for the expansion of both the pre-K program and full-day kindergarten while also addressing the related impact to existing spaces.
    • D41 will provide adequate staff work/break/planning spaces that enable efficient collaboration across all program areas.
    • D41 will design flexible spaces to support whole child development, future ready skills and learning outcomes.
    • D41 will ensure that the district’s facilities accommodate the developmental needs of all students.


    A Future4Every1