• Medication at School

    Does your child require medication at school?

    Many times, when a student requires daily or regular medication, the medication times may be adjusted so that the medication is given when the child is home. Medications (prescription and over-the-counter), which are essential for the student to remain in school, will be given when the appropriate parent and physician authorization is completed.

     - Prior to giving any medication (long term, short term, or emergency as needed) at school, the school medication permission form authorizing the school to administer the medication must be completed by the parent and the child's doctor. The school nurse will review the physician order for the medication.

    - Permission forms shall be renewed every year,or whenever changes in medication or the health of the child occurs. Permission forms are filed in the health office. Permission forms are available in the school health office or below.

     - Medication must be brought in a current pharmacy container that is clearly marked with the student's name, prescription number, medication name/dosage, administration route, licensed prescriber's name and pharmacy phone number. Over the counter medication shall be in the original container with the ingredients listed and the child's name affixed to the container.

    Self-Administration of Medication
    Students may carry their own asthma inhalers while in school, while at a school sponsored activity, while under the supervision of school personnel, or before or after normal school activities, if they have been instructed in and are capable of self administration. An Asthma Medication Authorization Hold Harmless and Indemnity form must be completed by the parent. That form, along with the presciption box for the inhaler should be dropped off at the health office.

    Students with life threatening allergies are also able to carry emergency epinephrine while in school. An Epinephrine Medication Authorization Hold Harmless and Indemnity form must be completed by the parent.

    Self carry forms for asthma medication and epinephrine may obtained by clicking on the links below.

    - Asthma Inhaler Self Carry Form
    - District Medication Permission Form
    - Illinois Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan And Treatment Authorization
    - Seizure Action Plan