• Salary and Benefits

    District 41 offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefit package. When teachers come to work for District 41, we recognize all full time public school teaching experience with no cap.

    Teacher starting salaries for 2024-25 are as follows:

    EAV Salary 2024-25
    BA, first year $57,054.00 
    BA+15, first year $58,763.00 
    MA, first year $63,902.00 
    MA+15, first year $66,752.00 
    MA+30, first year $69,605.00 
    MA+45, first year $72,458.00 
    MA+60, first year $78,163.00 

    Professional development, collaboration, and coaching are a key part of the culture of District 41. Teachers are supported through job-embedded professional development provided by math, literacy and problem-based learning coaches at each of our schools. In depth staff learning occurs during our seven institute days. Planned by a team of District 41 staff, these days are aligned with school and district goals. The team collects feedback from staff following each Institute Day and uses the data when planning the next learning experience for staff. In addition to coaching and institute days, students are released early on eight School Improvement Days per year so teachers can collaborate. The collaboration occurs in teams and follows a plan submitted to and approved by the building principal.

    Transparency in Coverage