• Central Services Staff

    The administrative team is led by the Superintendent, who reports directly to the Board of Education. The Superintendent is responsible for carrying out the policies and strategic initiatives of the board and managing the operations of the district.

    Superintendent's Office   <webpage>
    Dr. Melissa Kaczkowski Superintendent of Schools 630-534-7207
    Nancy Mogk Executive Assistant to the Superintendent 534-7243
    Teaching, Learning & Accountability  <webpage>
    Dr. Kristine Webster Assistant Superintendent for Teaching, Learning, Accountability 534-7206
    Molly Victor Executive Director of Student Services 534-7234
    Libby Jansen Director of Student Services 534-7573
    Amy Sabalaskey Administrative Assistant, Student Services 534-7643
    Juan Suarez Director of Language Programs 534-7251
    Ashley Daniels  Administrative Assistant, Language Programs 534-7239
    Eleanor Kearley  Multilingual School Liaison 534-7633
    Sandra Hanson District Registrar 534-7529
    Jamieson Westergaard Inclusion Coach 534-7400
    Jenna Losch Behavior Specialist 534-7664
    Carolyn Jodelka Preschool Coordinator 534-7466
    Geri Adkins District Receptionist and Administrative Assistant for Teaching, Learning, Accountability 534-7340
    Finance, Facilities and Operations  <webpage>
    Eric DePorter Assistant Superintendent for Finance, Facilities, and Operations/CSBO 534-7220
    Shannon Seidler  Transportation Coordinator - Freedom of Information Act Officer - Administrative Assistant 534-7222
    Brandi Jones Business Manager 534-7249
    Roberto Fuentes Payroll Specialist 534-7208
    Robert Schaefer  Accounts Payable 534-7417
    Communications  <webpage>
    Erika Krehbiel Chief Communications Officer 534-7218
    Ken Harbauer Digital Communications Specialist 534-7242
    Human Resources  <webpage>
    David Bruno Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources 534-7569
    Jennifer Ng Human Resources Manager 534-7227
    Rani McKee Administrative Assistant 534-7274
    Building and Grounds
    Dave Scarmardo Director Of Building and Grounds 534-7212
    Robert Devine Courier (includes SCARCE, Public Library and Post Office) 534-7590
    Technology  <webpage>
    Andrew Peterman Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation 534-7209
    Jim Videlka Assistant Director of Technology 534-7240
    Sarah Mayer Database Admin 534-7687
      Network Engineer 534-7641
    Kelly Johnson Technology Integration Coordinator 534-7366


    PLEASE NOTE: Any email sent to a representative of District 41, employee or board member, constitutes a public record that may be released under the Freedom of Information Act.