• Phase 3

    Community EngagementDrive to community consensus on a final plan.
     - D41 Community Engagement Phase 3 Presentation
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     - Phase 3 Community Engagement Report posted 7/6/22

    Your feedback is crucial to help us develop a community-driven plan that will make our schools better than ever.

    On June 21 we began a phone survey throughout the district. This survey is important, gathering your feedback on potential solutions the community is considering we invest in as we move forward as a district.

    EOSullivan Survey Script - May 2022
    EOSullivan Survey Script - June 2022  

    Please take the survey 100%, as your feedback will help determine our plan for the future of our schools. You will receive phone calls from (630) 474-3059, and to take the survey you simply need to answer the call and participate until the end (note that your response will not count unless you complete the entire survey).

    You are also welcome to call (630) 474-3059 at any time to participate at your convenience by Saturday, June 25.