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    Scott Klespitz - Principal --- Email
    Sarah Taitel - Assistant Principal/Early Childhood Coordinator --- Email
    Katie Hart - Administrative Assistant --- Email
    Kim Laird - School Secretary --- Email


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    Contact Last Name First Name Grade Position Website
    Email Cholke  Deanna Multi-grade Music Teacher  
    Email Robinson Annie Multi-grade Literacy Coach  
          Preschool Teacher  
    Email O'Brien Kathy Preschool Aide  
    Email DeGryse Hannah Preschool AIde  
    Email Masessa Emma ECH Special Education   Aide  
    Email Benke Boglarka ECH Special Education  Aide  
    Email Barwegen Christopher Grade 5 Teacher  
    Email Allison Jessica Grade 5 Teacher  
    Email Andonopoulos Jamie Preschool Teacher  
    Email Newstrom Gina Multi-grade Math Coach  
    Email Lancaster Nancy K-5 Aide  
    Email Randell Jodie K-5 Aide    
    Email Bracy Debra KG-Grade 5 Speech Language Pathologist  
    Email Hoffmann Alexandra Multi-grade Speech Language Pathologist  
    Email Rajcevich Samantha Preschool Teacher  
          Multi-grade Band Teacher  
    Email Ortega   Camille   Multi-grade   Special Ed Aide    
    Email Van Pay Alexandra Kindergarten Teacher  
    Email Vaughan Jessica Grade 1 Teacher  
    Email Manhatton Kelly Kindergarten Teacher  
    Email Hindman Colleen Multi-grade   Art Teacher    
    Email VanDyke Rebecca Grade 1 Teacher  
    Email Berenschot Laurie Grade 4 Teacher  
    Email Buccola Heather Grade 2 Teacher  
    Email Evans Karen Grade 2 Teacher  
    Email Hubner Laura Preschool Aide  
    Email Fornaro Jennifer Multi-grade Psychologist  
    Email Kostner Jowayne Grade 3 Teacher  
    Email Schmutz Julie Grade 2 Teacher  
    Email Azzolin Nicolette Grade 3 Teacher  
    Email Nicolai Julie Grade 3 Teacher  
    Email Andres Adam Grade 3 Teacher  
          Grade 4 Teacher  
    Email Cortez Jennifer Grade 1 Teacher  
    Email Dragas Jorie Grade 4 Teacher  
    Email Schiro Jennifer Grade 5 Teacher  
    Email Magrini Niki Grade 4   Teacher    
    Email Montgomery Barbara Grade 5 Teacher  
    Email Feuerborn Rita Multi-grade Orchestra Teacher http://sites.google.com/d41.org/orchestra


     Andi   Head Custodian  


    Kujtim   Night Custodian    
    Email Jarvis Megan Preschool Bilingual Teacher  
    Email Klemm Brenda Preschool Teacher msbrendapreschool.weebly.com
    Email Chavez Jennifer Multi-grade FLES (Spanish) Teacher  
    Email Dorsey Stephanie Multi-grade FLES (Spanish) Teacher  
    EmailPlease use THIS SECURE LINK to send any health information. Resendiz Crystal   Health - Nurse  
    Email Seifert Rachel   Health - Certified School Nurse  
    Email Jimenez Heather Multi-Grade Special Education Teacher  
    Email Meath Elizabeth Multi-Grade  Special Education Teacher  
    Email Hussman Amber Multi-Grade    Special Education Teacher    
    Email Askari Durreshahwar    Special Education EC Aide  
    Email Bollin Shanna   Special Ed Aide  
    Email Sellas Anna   Special Ed  
    Email Stangler Johanna Preschool Inclusion Teacher  
    Email Rauch Sue K-5 Aide  
    Email Pajcini Mirela Multi-grade ENL (English) Teacher   
    Email Savaglio Rena Grade 4 & 5 Resource Inclusion Teacher  
    Email Cousineau Lisa K-5 Aide  
    Email Hokenson Kathleen Multi-grade Library Media Aide  
    Email Callicoat Marcie Multi-grade Digital Literacy Specialist  
    Email Szajkovics Sam Multi-grade PE Teacher  
    Email Wind Randi Multi-grade PE Teacher  
    Email Golojuch Lisa Multi-grade Reading/Math Assistant  
    Email Tito Emily Grade 2 Teacher  
    Email Geighes Jennifer Preschool Social Worker  
    Email Juda Mary Multi-grade Occupational Therapist  
    Email Grimm Beka Multi-grade Physical Therapist  
    Email Piepenbrink Janet Multi-grade Reading/Math Assistant  
    Email Stockhausen Karen Multi-grade Reading/Math Assistant  
    Email Lee Laura Multi-grade Advanced and Enriched Curriculum Teacher  
    Email Hanson Christina Multi-grade ESL Teacher  
    Email Marchinski Tara Preschool Speech Language Pathologist  
    Email Janson Valerie Preschool Inclusion Teacher  
    Email Digiovanni Amy Preschool Aide  
    Email Wayt Heather   EC Aide  
    Email Hutzler Rob Preschool    Aide    
    Email Biewer Maggie Preschool Teacher  
    Email Kljako Noor Preschool Speech Language Pathologist  
    Email Provencal Maria Multi-grade Occupational Therapist  
    Email Badagliacco Kileigh Preschool Aide  
    Email Morse Hilary KG-Grade 5 Social Worker  
    Email Roberts William   Technology Support  
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