• Mission & Principles

    Mission The mission of the Department of Student Services is to ensure students are at the heart of our work in District 41 so that we meet the diverse needs of every student, PreK through 8th grade. It is best expressed through our Inclusionary Principles on which the D41community came to a consensus in 2017 and continues through our Priority Goal #2 in the District 41 Strategic Plan 2022-2027. 

    Our District 41 Inclusionary Principles

    • In District 41, we view every child  as an individual with unique strengths and needs
    • We develop a continuum of services that is driven by individual student strengths and needs that includes programs and services provided in our schools, within our cooperative and in partnership with various day placements.
    • We create a culture that develops a sense of belonging for all diverse learners.
    • We embrace shared ownership by every educator for every student.
    • We respect every student’s strengths and needs.
    • We presume competence for each student.
    • We engage in collaborative problem solving to develop, challenge, and accommodate all learners.

    Reaffirmed by Board of Education resolution on July 6, 2022 

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