• Strategic Plan


    Desired Future:

    The D41 community of learners, educators and stakeholders cultivate resourceful resilient citizens by teaching social emotional and academic skills in a nurturing learning environment. D41 connects, engages, educates and problem-solves with community partners, families and caregivers to promote the social emotional needs of all diverse learners.

    By 2027, D41 will utilize SEL education resources and evaluate the district's progress according to the SEL state standards.
    • Analyze data and progress monitor through the use of district approved tools (Second Step, Positivity Project, Rhithm, behavior data, PBIS alert, Hadley advisory lessons)
    • Provide daily instruction through aligned district adopted programs and resources within the school day with an emphasis on lunch/recess, content areas and disciplines

    By 2027, D41 will recognize that it is essential that adults understand, practice, model, and apply social and emotional skills in order to support these same competencies within students.
    • D41 will provide staff with in-depth training and ongoing support to promote social emotional learning and understanding.
    • D41 will continue to offer staff access to support, coaching and guidance to develop their own SEL confidence and capacities.
    • D41 will design and implement a framework that prioritizes staff mental health and well-being.

    By 2027, D41 will continue to build strong relationships with community partners and promote caregiver education and invite stakeholder involvement.
    • The district will create partnerships with local agencies, health care providers and community organizations to help distribute accessible information and educate families.
    • The district will provide families and caregiver education opportunities and resources to address current social emotional needs.


    A Future4Every1