• Pre-K Program

    The Pre-K experience helps 3 to 5 year old children develop the communication, social, and academic skills necessary to have a lifelong passion for learning. Morning & afternoon sessions are held Monday through Friday at Forest Glen School and follow the school district calendar. Specific information regarding types of program options are listed below.

    Pre-K at Risk:

    Program Description:
    Serves children ages 3-5 who are screened and identified as having significant risk factors that could potentially interfere with readiness for kindergarten. This program is free to families that reside in D41 boundaries and qualify based on the severity of risk factors and space availability. Bus transportation is provided for eligible students.

    How to Apply
    Necesita ayuda en español? Puede llamar al 630-534-7466

    2 Ways to Apply:
    Option #1: On Line: 2 Step Process
    (Preferred method. Please only choose Option #2 if you do not have Internet access or printing capabilities)
    Step#1: Click Here for Ages & Stages Questionnaire.This is an at home assessment to be completed by the primary caregiver. It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. You will answer each question “yes”, “sometimes”, or “not yet” based on what your child is able to do now. To answer each question, you will do fun and simple activities with your child. After the last question, you will select the "submit" button on your computer screen to send the questionnaire online for scoring. 

    Step#2: Click Here for the Parent Info Form and Click Here for the Home Language Survey. Print out. Fill out & submit to Mayra Rojas at 793 N. Main Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or via e-mail: mrojas@d41.org 

    Option #2:
    (For families without internet access or printing capabilities)
    Paper Packet. Call Mayra Rojas at 630-534-7466 to request a paper packet be sent to you. Please provide information below:
    -Child’s first & last name
    -Child’s Date of Birth
    -Parent Names
    -Child’s primary language spoke in the home

    District #41 Contact: Mayra Rojas mrojas@d41.org or 630-534-7466


    Pre-K Tuition:

    Program Description:
    Typically developing 3-5 year olds with limited spaces on a first come first serve basis. Tuition is paid monthly. 

    District #41 Contact: Mayra Rojas mrojas@d41.org or 630-534-7466


    Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE):

    Program Description:
    Services for children ages 3 to 5 years who have been identified with a disability that substantially impacts their access to learning and requires specialized instruction.

    District#41 contacts: Mayra Rojas mrojas@d41.org or 630-534-7466, or Jillian McNamara, School Psychologist, jmcnamara@d41.org

    Special Note: For general child development preschool screening, or if you are looking for a speech-only screening, Click Here for the Ages & Stages Questionnaire. Provide detailed information about your concerns. Once received, a D41 representative will contact you with the results and possible next steps.