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    Melissa Kaczkowski
    Superintendent of Schools

    -contract info July 2022 - June 2024


    Dear District 41 Community,

    I am proud to present this Strategic Plan for 2022-2027 to the District 41 community. Creating this path forward for the district was a collaborative process with a number of committees and involvement from all stakeholder groups. Thank you to the community members, parents, staff members, and students who engaged with us to shape the future for our students. This work was led in partnership with consultant Dr. Steve Webb who is a former superintendent and on the Commission of the AASA (the national school superintendent’s association) Learning 2025 national initiative that calls for districts to commit to educating and supporting the whole child/whole learner in a more holistic way.

    I am thrilled to share that District 41 has been nominated as a National Demonstration Site through Learning 2025 for the work we accomplished through our strategic planning process. Our work is being aligned with what is happening at the national level. This is a point of pride for District 41. Within the framework of Learning 2025, we have latitude to make decisions that are locally relevant while anchoring to a framework that is based on research-driven best practices.

    I am sharing this plan as a way to demonstrate who we are and where we are going. Approximately 78 percent of the households in our district boundaries do not currently have children in our district, but do have a vested interest in the success of our students and our schools. We have wonderful schools that I am told over and over again are the main reason families move into our neighborhood school communities. We strive to be a destination district by providing a strong and focused school district now and into the future.

    I hope this Strategic Plan gives you confidence in the educational opportunities provided to each and every child. With this plan, we will continue to deliver the excellence that everyone has come to expect. Thank you for your support and partnership.

    Dr. Melissa Kaczkowski

    Superintendent with kids

    The District 41 Administrative Team is led by the Superintendent, who reports directly to the Board of Education. The Superintendent serves as the chief adviser on educational matters and is responsible for ensuring that the Board of Education is informed about district operations and activities. The Superintendent also informs the Board of the district’s needs.

    The Superintendent is responsible for developing administrative procedures necessary to manage the district’s operations. All procedures must be in compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that apply to the district. The Superintendent ensures that sufficient information is provided to the Board of Education to assist the Board in making informed decisions.

    The Board and Superintendent work together to set priorities for the district. Priorities include establishing goals for the budget, determining new educational programs, and ensuring adequate services are available to students.

    The Glen Ellyn School District 41 Board of Education consists of seven members who are elected at-large and serve without pay for staggered four-year terms.

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