• Parent Coaching

    Mental Health Resources We have heard from many families that access to mental health resources is not easy to find. We have partnered with the Cook Center for Human Connection to provide mental health awareness resources to families free of charge. These resources include a website, ParentGuidance.org, with over 50 e-courses led by licensed therapists, one-hour webinars that will be held throughout the school year, and individual coaching for parents who want extra support.

    ParentGuidance.org is designed to help parents help their child. This is a great starting point as you look for answers regarding your child’s mental health, child development, or even your own needs. Many parents use this resource to get answers to questions about a variety of topics from licensed therapists. You can also see the Ask-a-Therapist section where you can submit questions and review therapist responses in our library of FAQ’s with topics such as anxiety, suicide ideation, bullying, self-harm and more. Parent coaching is a confidential service provided to parents and families in our district free of charge. If your family is in need of extra support, go to ParentGuidance.org, select “Parent Coaching” and select "Get Started" to enroll.

    For more information about the coaching process, click the links below:

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