• Students with IEPs and Section 504 Plans

    D41 commits to adhering to our Inclusionary Principles as we present a fully open model. In our transition, students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or 504 Plans will receive services and accommodations indicated in each student’s IEP or 504. This includes both push-in and pull-out services allotted in each student’s IEP. Each student’s IRLP will also remain active in the event there is a need for a return to remote learning during the remainder of the school year. In preparation for your student, please note:

    • New schedules are being created
    • Services will be scheduled to minimize disruption to core instruction
    • Services will not be scheduled in lieu of other general education instruction such as art, music, physical education or FLES.
    • Special education teachers and related service providers plan with your student’s general education teacher(s) to prioritize core instruction and provide appropriate services.
    • Schedule changes, including changes for paraprofessional assignments, are likely while adjustments are being made to meet the needs of all students with adult support who attend school fully in-person as well as those who remain fully remote.
    • Your student’s case manager will share schedule changes with you as they occur for your student.
    • All efforts will be made to maintain your student’s current special education teacher(s) and related service provider(s); however, as we make this transition, we cannot guarantee this is possible in every case.
    • Changes to IEP services, goals and objectives, accommodations, health care plan, or any other supports provided through the IEP or 504 Plan will be made through an IEP meeting or by consent of the parent/guardian (amendment process).
    • If you believe your student needs a change to his/her IEP or 504 Plan, please contact your student’s case manager or assistant principal with this request.

    For the period of time when school opens fully until May 26, 2021 (last day of school for students)

    Students with IEPs who opt for full remote learning will be able to come to the school to receive their related services in person by parent request. Important information to keep in mind:

    • Related service schedules are determined by the related service provider. If a student opts for in person related services, it is at the time set by the related service provider.
    • Related service schedules may need to change from time to time as new students are added to the related service caseloads or based on the professional discretion of the related service provider
    • Related service providers will contact parents prior to the first day of full day to notify them of the schedule