• Mitigation Efforts

    In all learning spaces the following mitigation measures will be in place:


    • Universal masking
    • 3 feet social distancing
    • Aerus Active Pure units
    • Hand hygiene
    • Nightly cleaning
    • Bathrooms cleaned during the day
    • Daily at home self certification by 7:30 AM.

      Additional mitigation as needed:
    • Plexiglass desk carrels
    • Other-TBD based on student medical needs Additional Custodial Staff will provide mid-day cleaning for lunch periods:
      - 2 at Hadley
      - 1 at each elementary

    Plan in case Adaptive Pause is needed (All District or All School Adaptive Pause)

    Students will maintain their same teachers who will provide daily instruction using the Google Classroom/ChromeBook.

    Plan in case a student needs remote instruction due to required quarantine
    Students who are on a required quarantine will be provided with access to virtual support made available by Google Classrooms. *Students will not be moved into a remote classroom so as to minimize the disruption to the remote classrooms for the remainder of the school year.

    Students with IEPs will be provided with access to their instructional and IEP services remotely.