• Lunch/Recess/Extracurricular

    sandwich Students will eat in their classroom or will rotate eating in alternate locations in the school. On good weather days, half of the students will be able to eat outside. The ability to eat outside will be provided to the students who are eating in an alternate location on that day.

    Elementary principals would like to continue their process that allows parents to sign their child/children out for lunch/recess and sign them back in. If the process becomes unmanageable or if there is an issue with students arriving back to school late, this process will be discontinued.
    This is at the elementary schools only.

    Recess will occur daily but will not involve playground equipment. Indoor recess due to inclimate weather will occur in the student’s classrooms at their seat.

    As per the IDPH/ISBE guidance, we can have 49 students + 1 driver on a bus. First Student does not have any additional buses to add to our routes.

    After School Activities
    Hadley has some after school activities taking place. Participants are participating in saliva testing.

    Field Trips

    Emergency Weather Days
    In the event that school cannot open due to weather, the District will employ a remote learning day.