Glen Ellyn District 41 In Need of In Person Substitute Teacher and Substitute Aides

    District 41 is in search of dependable, responsible, and engaging substitute teachers and aides.  An interview will be required prior to consideration for these positions. We will accept applicants for Substitute Teacher and Substitute Aide positions. CLICK HERE TO SEE POSITIONS AND TO APPLY 

    Rate of Pay Teachers
    Substitute Teachers in District 41 are paid according to the following rates:

    • $105.00 per day for the first 20 days in District working as a classroom teacher
    • $110.00 per day after 21 cumulative days
    • 15 or more days will carry to next school year (for one year)
    • $120.00 per day for District 41 retirees
    • Qualifications:  PEL (Professional Educators License) or PEL with Stipulations Or Substitute License

    Rate of Pay Substitute Aides
    Substitute Aides in District 41 are paid according to the following rates:

    • $80 per day
    • Qualifications:  Paraprofessional Educator License or PEL (Professional Educator License) or PEL (Professional Educator License with Stipulations) or Substitute License

    Additional Information:

    • Substitutes are employed and paid for only days actually worked
    • Substitutes are not paid for holidays, vacation days, institute days, or days of illness

    Employment Expectations:
    All District 41 employees are expected to maintain high standards in their school relationships, to demonstrate integrity and honesty, to be considerate and cooperative, and to maintain professional relationships with students, parents, staff members, and others.
    Teachers employed by the Board to teach in District 41 schools are subject to applicable state and federal laws and regulations, the policies and procedures of the Board of Education and the collective bargaining agreements applicable to the Teacher.All aforementioned may be amended or modified from time-to-time.
    In filling a vacancy the district’s first concern is to maintain and improve the service it renders to children.