• Technology Support & Fees

    Parents and students seeking technology support can enter a ticket at our D41 Support Center here (directions).

    As D41 purchases Chromebooks we are also purchasing GumDrop cases for the devices. These cases should remain on the Chromebook as they provide a substantial barrier to damage from drops, bangs, overloaded bags, being stepped on, etc. 

    When a device is damaged, the student needs to bring the Chromebook to the LMC where the damage will be evaluated by the tech department. A temporary loaner device will be provided for the student. If repairs can be completed in-house, they will be done as quickly as possible. If the repairs are more extensive, the Chromebook is shipped to a service center for repair and then returned to the school, usually within 7-10 business days.

    **Excessive, repeated, or intentional damage is subject to repair fees.

    Possible Repair Costs for the 24-25 SY:

    • Full replacement of Chromebook = $315.00

    • Chromebook touchscreen replacement = $120.00
    • Chromebook hinge replacement = $85

    • Chromebook 65w USB-C charger replacement = $20.00

    • Chromebook keyboard only replacement = $17.00
    • Chromebook palmrest, keyboard & touchpad replacement = $40.00

    • Chromebook case replacement = $20.00

    The current Tech Fee is $40.00 (for Hadley students).