• Test Retake Practices and Obligation Forms

    test What is a Retake Test? A retake test is an alternative version of a test. It provides students with a second opportunity to demonstrate what they know and are able to do.

    When? For courses using a rubric, a student may retake a test only when his/her score falls in Progressing or Not Meeting. For courses using percentages, a student may only retake a test when his or her score falls below an 84%. (Does not apply to quizzes.)

    How Often? Only three retakes are allowed per course per year, with only one retake opportunity per test. In the case of Exploratory classes, one retake per course is allowed.

    Time limits for the retake? Students must commit to retaking the test within two days and retake the actual test within two weeks of receiving the returned test. A student may need up to two days to finish the retake test due to time constraints.

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