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    Welcome to Hadley Exploratory! Exploratory students are provided multiple opportunities to explore a rich variety of topics and interests in order to develop their identities, learn about their strengths, discover and demonstrate their own competencies and plan for their future.

    A foundation of basic art skills is developed by creating individual works of art which incorporate the elements and principles of design.

    Art Technology
    Emphasis is placed on communication, problem-solving skills and inquiry-based learning through the use of photography, computer-generated imaging, projection graphics and white board presentations. Sixth grade students learn photography; seventh grade students learn stop-motion video; and eighth grade students learn video production.

    Family and Consumer Science
    FACS classes are designed to help students learn the basic skills they need to know to take care of themselves in today's world. The focus for sixth grade is the areas of life skills including child development; foods and nutrition; sewing and clothing care; housing and interior decoration; and consumerism, whereas the focus for seventh and eighth grades is food preparation and nutrition.

    General Music
    Ukulele (6th Grade) is all about learning music and practice habits through playing that little cousin of the guitar – the ukulele.

    STEM Exploration
    STEM Exploration classes are designed to help students tackling real world issues/challenges through exploration, inquiry and problem solving experiences. Students are given various engineering challenges where they must define the problem, research and design a solution, build a model, test the model, and reflect on and improve their design. Challenges allow for multiple solutions and failure is a necessary part of learning. Sixth grade focuses on learning the engineering design cycle through basic engineering challenges. Seventh grade focuses on students using computers, math and science skills to design, program, test and present fully functional robots that carry out life-like automated tasks. Eighth grade focuses on learning the engineering design cycle through advanced engineering challenges.

    Art Technology  
    STEM Exploration  
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