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    Hadley Orchestras | website

    Violin Welcome to the D41 Hadley Orchestras, where playing a stringed instrument begins an exciting new journey in life! Performing a musical instrument changes and enhances learning in so many beneficial ways. Here in D41, orchestra is an integrated part of our school district, winning district and state competitions with the highest honors year after year. Children grow and develop to become young musicians who later develop into skilled musicians by the 8th grade. Our orchestra program creates a sense of family and promotes a friendly, fun environment for our children. We learn and perform, striving for excellence, together as a team. If you have any questions about the Hadley Orchestra Program or wish to join, please contact Ms. Georgia Alemis
     "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." ~Lao-Tzu

    Hadley Bands | website

    Welcome to the Hadley Jr. High Band program, one of the district's many outstanding programs! The junior high band program is home to 340 students, including six curricular grade-level concert bands and three grade-level jazz bands. District 41 offers instrumental music as an integral piece of a child's education. Our school district's music program has been recognized at the Illinois Grade School Music Association District and State Festivals. Our goal is to provide students a place to grow musically, socially, and academically. Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity are "constants" in our music classes and rehearsals. Students who participate in band and music are equipped to thrive in a 21st Century world. We strive for the program to be a "home away from home" for the band students at Hadley. Students develop relationships with peers and teachers, have a great experience performing challenging and exciting music, and develop a lifelong love of music and learning. If you have any questions about the Hadley Jr. High Band Program, please feel free to contact Mr. Chris Cooper or Mrs. Samantha Tribley.

    Band classes are grouped by grade level during the school day and are not pulled out of academic classes. Students learn in large ensemble groups with all the band instruments, and have the opportunity to learn in both large and small group instrument settings. Students develop instrument-specific and ensemble skills and engage in a well-rounded curriculum, with an aim to help the students grow musically, academically, and socially. Additionally, the ensembles rehearse and prepare great and challenging pieces of band literature and work toward the goal of performing together for concerts, festivals, and other events. The bands perform in two to three concerts per year.
    ● 6th Grade Band- open to all students currently enrolled in 5th grade beginning band; continuation of previously learned band curriculum.
    ● 7th Grade Band and 8th Grade Band- continuations of previously learned band curriculum
    Along with the concert band is a thriving extracurricular jazz band program. The jazz bands meet after school once per week to perform music of varying styles, including jazz, pop, rock, and Latin music. 

    Hadley Junior High Chorus Program

    The Hadley Chorus program is a growing part of the elective curriculum at Hadley, currently including over 20% of the Hadley Student Body. It is comprised of two parts: the grade-level curricular ensembles that meet during the school day, and the extracurricular clubs and ensembles that meet before and after school.

    Grade Level Curricular Ensembles

    Each grade level meets as a separate class during the school day, working on vocal technique, music literacy, and performance skills with a variety of different choral styles. Students sign up for chorus at the end of the previous school year, when students choose whether to take the Exploratory or Music Ensemble track. Students perform for our curricular concerts three times a year, with possible extra performances as invited. Prior experience is not required to be part of the Hadley Chorus.

    Pop Chorus
    Pop Chorus is open to students in 6th-8th grade who are enrolled in one of the Hadley music ensembles. Students are chosen by auditions in January, and rehearse twice a week until the end of the school year. The Pop Chorus performs popular music of all styles, and sings at the Hadley Chorus concerts as well as various other extra performances throughout the Spring Semester.

    Ukulele Club
    This is a new group this year! Ukulele Club is a class that meets after school on Tuesdays for the Fall Semester. This is a club for beginners on ukulele. We will teach you how to read notes and play them on the ukulele, as well as strum some basic chords. At the end of the class in December, you should be qualified to play in Triple Fret. If signing up for Ukulele Club, please expect to be at every meeting. Since this will be run as a class, if you miss a meeting, you will miss important information. You should also own your own instrument in order to practice at home. If you need to purchase a ukulele, please see Mr. Marchese, and he will give you some recommendations on what to purchase, and where. This information may also be found at triplefret.weebly.com, under “Ukulele Recommendations.”

    Triple Fret
    Triple Fret is what is called a “fretted orchestra,” or a string ensemble for instruments that have frets: ukulele, guitar, and bass. Students that join Triple Fret should own their own instrument, and should be able to read standard notation. Some TAB may be used, but students will be encouraged to switch to standard notation as soon as possible. Triple Fret meets on Wednesdays from 3:40-4:40 in Pod C. Contact - Mr. Marchese at (630) 534-7516 or at pmarchese@d41.org with any questions regarding Chorus, Ukulele Club, or Triple Fret.