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    Welcome to the
    Lincoln Library Media Center!

    Our goal is to foster a love for reading in a welcoming environment and prepare the students for lifelong learning by teaching:

    informational literacy, technology literacy, digital citizenship & library skills.
    What is the Digital Media Program?
    All students Kindergarten through 5th grade have Digital Media (DM) class every week.  Please check out our teaching content here:  Digital Media

    D41 Summer Enrichment Resources

    Buzz  Summer Buzz About Books


    ukulele  Ukulele Parent Permission Form (3rd, 4th, 5th grades)

    Illinois Award Winners for 2020
    Monarch: Baby Monkey (1st)
    The Bad Guys (2nd)
    Do Not Lick This Book (3rd)
    Bluestem: Real Friends (1st)
    Last Kids on Earth (2nd)
    The Bad Guys (3rd)

     3rd, 4th, and 5th graders: Ms. Kellam is collecting Bluestem responses in a new way next year. 

    When school starts, she will share a document via Google Classroom.



    Christina Kellam  Digital Literacy Specialist 534-7270
    Sheryl Grever  LMC Aide 534-7593