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    Welcome to the
    Lincoln Library Media Center!

    Our goal is to foster a love for reading in a welcoming environment and prepare the students for lifelong learning by teaching:

    informational literacy, technology literacy, digital citizenship & library skills.
    The Lincoln LMC offers various learning opportunities to nurture & challenge our 21st Century Learners!
    What is the Digital Media Program?
    All students Kindergarten through 5th grade have Digital Media (DM) class every week.  Please check out our teaching content here:  Digital Media

    Additional Resources

     And the Winner Is...
    Illinois Award Nominees for 2018
    5th Grade Google Classroom Links :       Everette            Gillette           Pindar            Vail 

    Christina Kellam  Digital Literacy Specialist 534-7270
    Sheryl Grever  LMC Aide -7593