4:10 Goals and Objectives
  4:10AP Administrative Procedure ? Timeline for Development and Approval of Budget
  4:15 Identity Protection
  4:15AP Administrative Procedure - Protecting the Privacy of Social Security Numbers
  4:15AP2 Administrative Procedure - Treatment of Personally Identifiable Information Under Grant Awards
  4:15E1 Exhibit - Letter to Employees Regarding Protecting the Privacy of Social Security Numbers
  4:15E2 Exhibit - Statement of Purpose for Collecting Social Security Numbers
  4:15E3 Exhibit - Statement for Employee Manual or District Website Describing the District’s Purpose for Collecting Social Security Numbers
  4:20 Fiscal Philosophy
  4:20AP Administrative Procedure - Fiscal Philosophy
  4:30 Revenue & Investments
  4:40 Incurring Debt
  4:40AP Administrative Procedure - Preparing and Updating Disclosures
  4:45 Insufficient Fund Checks
  4:45AP Administrative Procedure - Insufficient Fund Checks
  4:50 Payment Procedures
  4:50E Exhibit - School District Payment Order
  4:55 Use of Credit and Procurement Cards
  4:55AP1 Administrative Procedure - Procurement Cards
  4:60 Purchases & Contracts
  4:60E Exhibit - Notice to Contractors
  4:60AP1 Administrative Procedure - Purchases
  4:60AP3 Administrative Procedure - Criminal History Records Check of Contractor Employees
  4:60AP4 Administrative Procedure - Federal and State Award Procurement Procedures
  4:60AP4E1 Exhibit - Internal Procedures for Procurement Transactions
  4:70 Resource Conservation
  4:70AP Administrative Procedure - Resource Conservation
  4:80 Accounting and Audits
  4:80AP Checklist for Internal Controls
  4:80AP3 Administrative Procedure - Inventory Management for Federal and State Awards
  4:90 Student Activity Fund Management
  4:90AP Administrative Procedure - Student Activity Fund Management
  4:100 Insurance Management
  4:110 Transportation
  4:110AP1 School Bus Post-Accident Checklist
  4:110AP2 Administrative Procedure ? Bus Driver Communication Devices; Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspection; and Bus Driving Comments
  4:110AP3 Administrative Procedure - School Bus Safety Rules
  4:120 Food Services
  4:120AP Administrative Procedure - Food Service
  4:130 Free and Reduced-Price Food Services
  4:130E Exhibit - Free and Reduced-Price Food Services; Meal Charge Notifications
  4:140 Waiver of Student Fees
  4:150 Facility Management and Building Programs
  4:160 Hazardous and Infectious Materials
  4:160AP1 Administrative Procedure - Hazardous and Infectious Materials
  4:160AP2 Addressing Health/Safety Concerns Raised By Staff/Faculty/Students
  4:165 Awareness and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Grooming Behaviors
  4:170 Safety
  4:170AP1 Administrative Procedure - Comprehensive Safety and Security Plan
  4:170AP2 Administrative Procedure - Routine Communications Concerning Safety and Security
  4:170AP2 E5 Exhibit - Notice to Parents/Guardians of Lockdown Drill; Opt-out
  4:170AP3 Administrative Procedure - Emergency Preparedness Response to Homeland Security Codes
  4:170AP4 Administrative Procedure - Unsafe School Choice Option
  4:170AP5 Administrative Procedure - Plan for Responding to a Medical Emergency at a Physical Fitness Facility
  4:170AP7 Administrative Procedure - Movable Soccer Goal Safety
  4:170E1 Glen Ellyn School District #41 Accident Report
  4:170E2 Instructions for Filing a Student Accident Claim
  4:170E3 Exhibit - Emergency Medical Information Form for Students with Special Needs or Medical Conditions Who Ride School Buses
  4:170E4 Exhibit - Annual School Safety Review Annual Review Report Emergency & Crisis Response Plans DuPage ROE
  4:170E5 Exhibit - Letter to Parents Regarding Student Safety
  4:175 Convicted Child Sex Offender; Screening; Notifications
  4:175AP1 Administrative Procedure - Criminal Offender Notification Laws; Screening
  4:180 Pandemic Preparedness; Management; and Recovery
  4:180AP1 Administrative Procedure - School Action Steps For Pandemic
  4:180AP2 Administrative Procedure - Pandemic Surveillance and Reporting
  4:180AP3 Grant Flexibility; Payment of Employee Salaries During a Pandemic
  4:190 Targeted School Violence Prevention Program
  4:190AP1 Exhibit - Targeted School Violence Prevention Program Resources
  4:190AP2 Administrative Procedure - Threat Assessment Team (TAT)
  4:190AP3 Administrative Procedure - Threat Assessment Plan
  4:210 Provisos for Use of Working Cash Fund