2:10 School District Governance
  2:20 Powers and Duties of the School Board; Indemnification
  2:20E Exhibit - Waiver and Modification Request Process
  Board Member
  2:30 School Board Elections
  2:40 Board Member Qualifications
  2:50 Board Member Term of Office
  2:60 Board Member Removal from Office
  2:70 Vacancies on School Board - Filling Vacancies
  2:70E Exhibit - Checklist for Filling Board Vacancy by Appointment
  2:80 Board Member Oath and Conduct
  2:80E Exhibit - Board Member Code of Conduct
  2:90 Board Self-Evaluation
  2:100 Board Member Conflict of Interest
  2:105 Ethics and Gift Ban
  2:110 Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers
  2:120 Board Member Development
  2:120E2 Website Listing of Development and Training by Board Members
  2:125 Board Member Compensation; Expenses
  2:125E1 Exhibit - Board Member Travel Expense Reimbursement Form
  2:125E2 Exhibit - Board Member Estimated Expense Approval Form
  Board Relationships
  2:130 Board - Superintendent Relationship
  2:140 Communications To and From the Board
  2:140E Exhibit-Guidance for Board Member Communications, Including Email Use
  2:150 Committees
  2:150AP Administrative Procedure - Superintendent Committees
  2:160 School Attorney
  2:160E Exhibit - Checklist for Selecting a Board Attorney
  2:170 Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying Services
  2:170AP Administrative Procedure - Qualification Based Selection
  Board Meetings
  2:200 Types of School Board Meetings
  2:200AP Administrative Procedure - Types of School Board Meetings
  2:210 Organizational School Board Meeting
  2:210AP1 Administrative Procedure-Organizational School Board Meeting Agenda
  2:220 School Board Meeting Procedure
  2:220E1 Exhibit - Board Treatment of Closed Meeting Verbatim Recordings and Minutes
  2:220E2 Exhibit - Motion to Adjurn to Closed Session
  2:220E3 Exhibit - Closed Meeting Minutes
  2:220E4 Exhibit - Access to Closed Meeting Minutes and Verbatim Recordings
  2:230 Public Participation at School Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board
  Board Policy
  2:240 Board Policy Development
  2:240E1 Exhibit - Press Issue Updates
  2:240E2 Developing Local Policy
  2:240E3 Exhibit - Policy Manual Updates
  Board Records
  2:250 Access to the District Public Records
Administrative Procedure - Public Access to District Records
  2:250E Exhibit – Request for District Records Form
  2:250E2 Exhibit - Immediately Available District Public Records and Web-Posted Reports and Records
  2:250E3 Exhibit - Recurrent Requester Notification
  Uniform Grievance Procedure
  2:260 Uniform Grievance Procedure
  2:260AP Administrative Procedure - Guidelines for Investigating Complaints and Allegations of Misconduct
  2:265 Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure
  2:265AP1 Administrative Procedure – Title IX Sexual Harassment Response
  2:265AP2 Administrative Procedure – Formal Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Grievance Process
  2:265E Exhibit – Title IX Sexual Harassment Glossary of Terms