6:10 Educational Philosophy and Objectives
  6:15 School Accountability
  6:20 School Year Calendar and Day
  6:20AP2 Administrative Procedure - School Year Calendar and Day
  6:30 Organization of Instruction
  6:40 Curriculum Development
  6:50 School Wellness
  6:50E School Wellness Exemption Request Form
  6:50AP Guidelines to Support District 41's School Wellness Policy
  6:60 Curriculum Content
  6:60AP1 Administrative Procedure - Comprehensive Health Education Program
  6:60AP1E1 Exhibit - Notice to Parents/Guardians of Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness and Prevention Education; Requests to Examine Materials; Written Objection(s) and/or Opt-outs
  6:60AP1E2 Exhibit - Resources for Biking and Walking Safety Education
  6:60E1 Exhibit - Notification to Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
  6:60E2 Exhibit - Request to Examine Instructional Material
  6:60E3 Exhibit - Class Attendance Waiver Request
  6:65 Student Social and Emotional Development
  6:70 Teaching About Religions
  6:70AP Administrative Procedure - Teaching About Religions
  6:80 Teaching About Controversial Issues
  6:100 Using Animals in the Educational Program
  6:100AP Administrative Procedure - Dissection of Animals
  6:100E Exhibit - Guidelines and Application for Using Animals in School Facilities
  6:100E1 Exhibit - Guidelines and Application for Using Animals in School Facilities
  6:100E2 Exhibit - Student Permission for Exposure to Animals
  6:110 Programs for Students At Risk of Academic Failure and/or Dropping Out of School
  6:120 Education of Children with Disabilites
  6:120AP Administrative Procedure - Special Education Procedures Assuring the Implementation of Comprehensive Programming for Children with Disabilities
  6:120AP1 E1 Exhibit - Notice to Parents/Guardians Regarding Section 504 Rights
  6:120AP1 E2 Exhibit - Special Education Required Notice and Consent Forms
  6:120AP2 Administrative Procedure - Service Animals
  6:130 Program for the Gifted
  6:135 Accelerated Placement Program  
  6:135AP Administrative Procedure - Accelerated Placement Program Procedures
  6:140 Education of Homeless Children
  6:140AP Administrative Procedure - Education of Homeless Children
  6:145 Migrant Students
  6:145E Exhibit - Programs for Migrant Students - Family Interview Form
  6:150 Home and Hospital Instruction
  6:150E Exhibit - Notice to Parent on Home_Hospital Instruction
  6:160 English Learners
  6:160E1-2 ISBE Home Language Survey Language Listing
  6:160E1 Exhibit - Student Home Language Survey
  6:160E2 Exhibit - Notice to Parents of Students Identified as Limited English Proficient
  6:170 Title I Programs
  6:170AP1 Administrative Procedure - Checklist for Development, Implementation, and Maintenance of Parent Involvement Compacts for Title I Programs
  6:180 Extended Instructional Programs
  6:190 Extracurricular Activities
  6:190AP Administrative Procedure - Eligibility for Participation in Extracurricular Activities Extra Curricular Code of Conduct
  6:200 Instructional Arrangements
  6:210 Instructional Materials
  6:210AP Supplemental Materials Selection
  6:210E1 Hadley Parent Letter
  6:210E2 The Art of Choosing a Book
  6:210E3 Reconsideration Form
  6:230 Library Media Program
  6:230AP1 Administrative Procedure – Selection of Library Learning Center Resources
  6:230E1 Exhibit – Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources
  6:230E2 Exhibit - Checklist for Reconsideration Committee– Fiction and other Literary Forms
  6:230E3 Exhibit - Checklist for Reconsideration Committee– Nonfiction
  6:240 Field Trips
  6:240AP Administrative Procedure - Field Trip Guidelines
  6:240E1 Exhibit - Field Trip Permission Form (waiver)
  6:240E1 Exhibit - Field Trip Permission Form
  6:250 Community Resource Persons and Volunteers
  6:250AP Administrative Procedure - Securing and Screening Volunteers
  6:250E Exhibit - Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability
  6:255 Assemblies and Ceremonies
  6:260 Complaints About Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Programs
  6:260AP1 Administrative Procedure – Requests for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
  6:260E Exhibit -Curriculum Objection Form
  6:270 Guidance and Counseling Program
  6:280 Grading and Promotion
  6:280AP Administrative Procedure - Grading
  6:281 Parent/Teacher Conferences
  6:290 Homework
  6:315 High School Credit for Students in Grade 7 or 8
  6:340 Student Testing and Assessment Plan
  6:400 Educational Research
  6:400E Application To Conduct Educational Research