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Letter from Superintendent Dr. Ann Riebock
I am writing with important news that affects our children’s education, the quality of our community, and our pocketbooks. My purpose here is to introduce the facts, invite you to learn more and direct you to resources to help you do so.

On Monday, Feb.5, the Board of Education voted to go to referendum on April 17. District 41 will ask the community to approve a $40 million bond referendum to fund expansions and renovations to our schools. In compliance with state regulations, the only way that a school district can fund a project of this magnitude is through a bond referendum. This referendum is for the sale of bonds for the purpose of constructing, renovating and equipping facilities; these funds cannot be used for salaries or other operational costs. Similar to a mortgage, the bonds will be repaid over time on a schedule that ends in 2025.

Our buildings were enlarged in 1998, and we are using all of that space and more. A school’s worth of children (nearly 600) is housed in 26 mobile classrooms; projections show slow and steady growth through 2013. Mobile classrooms have allowed us to keep class sizes within acceptable ranges, although class sizes are expected to grow. But mobiles have encroached on play areas, posed logistical challenges and eroded instructional time as students go in and out for services. There is stress on our programs and infrastructure as well. We are running out of space to schedule specialized classes such as gym and music, some of our libraries house cubicles and some services are delivered in halls and other spaces that were never intended for instructional or program use.  more...

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