•  Parent Camp
    Thank you to all who attended Parent Camp on October 4, 2018! Thank you also to our presenters who made Parent Camp a success! If you have any questions, want to continue a conversation or have thoughts for future Parent Camps contact tshea@d41.org or d41parentcamp@d41.org


    Student Social Emotional Health & Well-Being

    October 4   7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
    Churchill School in the Library Media Center
    7:00 p.m. Welcome from Dr Gordon
    7:05 p.m. - 7:40 p.m. Session 1 (Rooms 202, 203, 204)
    7:40 p.m.- 7:45 p.m. transition
    7:45 p.m.- 8:20 p.m. Session 2 (Rooms 202, 203, 204)
    8:20 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. Wrap-Up

    "Growth Mindsets in the Math Classroom and Beyond"

    Michelle Bauer - Math Coach, Margaret Peter - K Teacher, Laurie Swatek - 2nd Grade Teacher, Amy Bishop - 3rd Grade STEAM Teacher, Jen Kissane - Math Assistant
    Description: Most of us have now heard the buzz words "growth mindset," but what does this really look like for our kids? Specifically in the math classroom and in math conversations at home. By attending this session, participants will gain an understanding about what growth mindset is and how it can impact instruction, learning, and even self-perceptions.

    "The Most Important School Supply: A Sense of Belonging"
    Penny Sandoz, 2nd Grade teacher at Lincoln, dawn Owen, Lincoln School Social Worker
    Description: Learn about maslows heirachy of needs and how students need a sense of safety and belonging in order to learn, and retain information.

    "The Brain and Belonging"
    Superintendent Paul Gordon

    "Keeping Up With Our Kids: Free Local Resources"
    Erica Nelson, District 41 Board Member
    Description: Let's talk about the local resources that are free to parents for their kids...at all ages - children, tweens, teens, college age...We never stop being parents and there is always something to learn. We will have copies of local free speaker events and workshops including the Glenbard Parent Series (GPS). We'll look at a survey of the top issues that parents are interested in by milestones.

    "Let's Talk About Inclusion"
    Jason Loebach, D41 Board Member - Teresa Shea, D41 ESL Teacher
    Description: Join us for an informal conversation about inclusionary practices: Why do we do them? Who are they for? Who benefits from these practices?

    "What Will Our Children's Future Self Need to Know to Be Happy?"
    Robert Bruno, District 41 Board Member
    Description: A discussion on the direction we want education to take our kids from the perspective of college professor (and current District 41 Board Member) Robert Bruno.

    If you are interested in participating as a session leader or have a topic you would like to suggest, please contact Teresa Shea, tshea@d41.org 


    What is Parent Camp?

    The ParentCamp experience, by design, is a hybrid “un-conference” opportunity for parents and teachers to come together and model the four core beliefs highlighted in Beyond the Bakesale. The experience levels the playing field, putting all stakeholders in a circle for actual, face-to-face discussion about what is best for kids. It’s important to understand the difference between a traditional conference and the un-conference feel we worked to bring to Parent Camp.