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PEP's Annual Appeal

How is PEP Making a Difference?



+ The Frances Schuck Courage Scholarship Fund -donations to this PEP Fund will go towards scholarships awarded in memory of Fran Schuck.

+ The Michael Pihos Scholarship Fund -Donations to this fund will go towards scholarships given in the memories of Bill and Michael Pihos.

+ The PEP Glenbard Parent Series (GPS) Fund -donations to this fund help facilitate real-world parenting skills, to the benefit of students and families in the Glenbard community.

+ The PEP General Fund -helps PEP work in partnership with the Glenbard community to promote educational excellence in the Glenbard community schools

+ The PEP Lija Angela Yu Yin Hyssong Memorial Scholarship Fund -helps provide financial assistance to graduating students at Glenbard East High School in memory of Lija

+ The PEP District 41 Fund -supports educational enrichment projects for students in Glen Ellyn District 41 schools

+ The PEP District 44 Fund -supports educational enrichment projects for students in Lombard District 44 schools

+ The PEP District 89 Fund -support of this Fund goes toward District 89 to benefit all students in District 89

+ The PEP Supplies 4 Success Fund -provides school supply kits, backpacks, and winter outerwear (coat, boots, snow pants, hat & gloves) to the low-income students attending Glen Ellyn School District 41 and Community Consolidated School District 89.

+ The PEP Glenbard Student Support Fund -helps provide assistance to students with financial need in all four Glenbard schools

+ The PEP Glenbard Educational Enrichment Fund -supports educational enrichment projects for students in all four Glenbard schools

+ PEP Glenbard South Post Prom -helps provide a safe, memorable and fun After Prom event for junior and senior studemts at Glenbard South High School.

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Supporting Your Schools Through PEP

Individual Donations

PEP offers donors a variety of options for making contributions to schools. All gifts are acknowledged with a receipt for tax purposes.

    PEP General Fund

    Donations to the General Fund are used to support educational initiatives in all six of the PEP Member District schools.  The PEP Board of Trustees issues grants annually for classroom, school and district projects that support PEP’s Mission to promote educational excellence in the Glenbard Community Schools.  All donations to PEP are placed in the General Fund unless otherwise specified by the donor.

    District Funds

    A separate PEP District Fund is maintained for each PEP school district.  Donors may earmark their PEP contribution for one of these district funds by naming the district with PEP as the payee, e.g. PEP District 87, or in correspondence submitted with the donation.  Grants from District Funds are initiated by the individual school districts with approval by the PEP Board of Trustees.  Contributions may be made to a district fund at any time during the year.  Many member districts fundraise for their PEP District Fund during the annual student registration process.

    Designated Gifts

    Donors may make gifts to PEP for specific initiatives at a school or district level. These donations are called Designated Gifts and must be a minimum gift of $200. The intended use of funds must be approved by the district administration and the PEP Board of Trustees.

Special Project Funds

PEP works in partnership with individual school organizations and districts to support their unique fundraising projects, including capital projects and programs that may span multiple years.  A Designated PEP Fund is established for the project and procedures are developed for handling, reporting and acknowledging donations over the duration of the project. See District Projects for more information.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many businesses and corporations provide matching gifts for employee donations to K-12 educational foundations like PEP.  Company forms for matching gifts are sent to PEP with the donation.  PEP completes the form and submits it on behalf of the employee.  Matching gifts usually double and often triple the value of an individual donation.

Endowed Funds

PEP offers organizations and individuals the opportunity to establish an Endowed Fund for a specific purpose. The goals and criteria for grant-making are agreed to at the time the Endowed Fund is established. Donations to an established endowed fund may be made at any time.


PEP is honored to be the recipient of donations in memory of former students, teachers, administrators, and community friends of education. Memorial Funds may be established by family members or community organizations to create special gifts for a school or district. Memorial Funds may also be converted into PEP Endowed Funds to support annual grants or scholarships in honor of the deceased.


Gifts may be made to PEP at any time to celebrate a special event or recognize an individual.  Donations are acknowledged on behalf of the honoree in PEP’s annual giving report and where possible directly to the honoree.  Special Honorary Funds may be established to create gift opportunities and these funds my also be used to establish Endowed Funds for long term grant-making.

Private And Public Foundation Gifts

PEP is pleased to be the recipient of grants from both private and public foundations.  Most of these gifts are associated with specific initiatives in the schools.  PEP is pleased to provide a list of giving opportunities to foundations considering a donation to a member school or district.

Gifts In Kind

As a public charitable foundation, PEP may receive Gifts In Kind from individuals and businesses to benefit the schools in PEP's Member Districts. Prior approval by the PEP office is required. PEP acknowledges all approved gifts with documented receipts for the donor.

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