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Hadley Staff Directory

Steven Diveley - Principal --- Email
Jill Amrhein - Assistant Principal --- Email
Gina Krizman - Assistant Principal --- Email
Terry Finnerty - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Jaclyn Ackerman - School Secretary --- Email
Holly Stropes - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Colleen Costello - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Ken Kotovsky - Building Manager --- Email
Hadley Junior High School
240 Hawthorne Boulevard
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 630-790-6450 | Fax: 630-790-6469

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Our teachers are listed alphabetically by Team/Position. Click column headers to change the sorting view. To contact a teacher or to view their website or Homework page, click the links under Contact
Updated: 2/3/2015 3:04:33 PM
Contact Last NameFirst Name Team Position
    Brown Don6 Social Studies
    Chmelik Jeanne 6 Math
    Bollinger Robin 6 Math
    Hagerty Cheryl 6 Literacy
    Timperley Joy 6 Literacy
    Joseph Caroline 6 Science
    Shumate Hillary Multiteam PBL Coach
    Sostarics Stephanie 6 Science
  Welsh Emmah 7 Counselor
    Becker Kristen 7 Literacy
    Fitch Cheryl 7 Science
    Gonzalez-Slager Karen 8 Literacy
    Booth Tina 7 Literacy
  Dunham Sharon 8 Counselor
    D’Angelo Elizabeth 7 Literacy
    McArdle Annissa 6 Literacy
    Sbarra Dina 7 Science
    Lofgren Tim 6 Social Studies
    Earnest Lisa 7 Social Studies
    McCluskey Charles 7 Social Studies
    Vogelsanger Courtney 7 Literacy
    Guerrieri Tracy 7 Science
    Leadaman Brian 7 Social Studies
    Bruno Lynn 8 Literacy
    Capenigro Denise 7 Literacy
    Cooper Brett 8 Literacy
    Jurczak Patricia 8 Literacy
    Giovingo Marc 8 Social Studies
    Power Jennifer 6 Literacy
    Kane Annie 8 Science
    Wiemeler Steven 8 Science
    Bonkowski Brian 8 Social Studies
    Tannenbaum Ali 8 Literacy
    Palermo Savannah 8 Literacy
    Heskin Heather 8 Social Studies
    Carmichael Tyler 8 Math
    Matthews Kaitlyn 8 Science
    Modica Frank 6 Science/Social Studies
    Sieck Kyle 6 Counselor
    Berg Anne 6 Math
    Domabyl Joe 7 Math
    Hecker Jennifer 6 Math
    Irvin Amy Multiteam Math Specialist
    Kardas Kelly 6 Math
    Kunkel Gia 7 Math
    Luczak Paul 8 Math
    Luehrs Katie Multiteam Math - ESL
    Sanew Danielle 8 Math
    Wasserman Debra 7 Math
    Anderson Linda Multiteam Art
    Crum Karen Multiteam Family Consumer Sci.
    Beaman Heather Multiteam Special Education
    Ewoldt Beth Multiteam Special Education
    Gablin Kristy Multiteam ESL
  Moroni Erin Multiteam Special Ed Aide
Corona Esther Multiteam Special Ed Aide
   Vichio Maria Multiteam Special Education
Hinton Abigail Multiteam Special Ed Aide
Aiello Ryan Multiteam Special Ed Aide
Backart Lisa Multiteam Special Ed Aide
Greifenkamp Carol Multiteam Special Ed Aide
Kibbler Spencer Multiteam Instructional Aide
Karum Sue Multiteam Special Ed Aide
Lott Shannon Multiteam Special Ed Aide
Ryan Deb Multiteam Special Ed Aide
Murphy Molly Multiteam Special Ed Aide
    Marinello Michelle Multiteam Health
Olzen John Multiteam Health
    Lewis Kelly Multiteam Technology Education
    Tomaszkiewicz Frank Multiteam Art Technology
    Montes De Oca Karla Multiteam Foreign Language
    Dymit Karen 8 Foreign Language
    Rosenwinkel Heather 7 Foreign Language
    Sutton Samantha Multiteam Foreign Language
    Dixon Scott Multiteam PE
    Lee Liz Multiteam PE
    Lofgren Tom Multiteam PE
    Maher Sarah Multiteam Health
    Odom Julie Multiteam PE
    Szajkovics Sam Multiteam PE
    DePalo James Multiteam Music - Concert/Jazz
    Marchese Paul Multiteam Music - Vocal
    Lorens Samantha Multiteam Music - Band
    Alemis Georgia Multiteam Music - Orchestra Dir.
    Falco Katie Multiteam Special Ed
  Kazunas Kathy Multiteam Special Ed Aide
    Gray Alyssa Multiteam Special Ed
    Mijal Linda Multiteam Special Ed
    Gidley Ryan Multiteam Special Ed
    Stomberski Sandy Multiteam Special Ed
    Abbott Chris Multiteam LMC Director
Mayer Sarah Multiteam LMC Aide
Roberts Andrea Multiteam LMC Aide
  Heller Judy Multiteam Literacy Specialist
    Brown Nathaniel 6 Language Arts
    Hann Heidi Multiteam Gifted Services
    Schoening Rose Multiteam Health - Nurse
  Wilson Cheryl Multiteam Health Aide
  Sietsema Christopher Multiteam Special Ed
    Grieger Karen Multiteam Social Worker
    Kosinski Mariola Multiteam Social Worker
   Dettmer Alexis Multiteam Speech-Language Pathologist
Perez Becky Multiteam Psychologist
Leija-Wheeler Tiffany Multiteam Psychologist
Meier Rosa Multiteam ESL Aide
  Franco Janet Multiteam ESL
  Mail  Kulik Mayra Multiteam ESL - Special Ed
Parrish Marilyn   Tech support
Baholli Fatos   Custodian