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Hadley Staff Directory

Steven Diveley - Principal --- Email
Jill Amrhein - Assistant Principal --- Email
Bob Guzzetti - Assistant Principal --- Email
Terry Finnerty - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Holly Stropes - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Colleen Costello - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Ken Kotovsky - Building Manager --- Email
Hadley Junior High School
240 Hawthorne Boulevard
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 630-790-6450 | Fax: 630-790-6469

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Updated: 8/26/2015 1:06:55 PM
Contact Last NameFirst Name Team Position
    Bruns Matt 6 Special Ed
    Brown Don6 Social Studies
    Chmelik Jeanne 6 Math
    Bollinger Robin 6 Math
    Hagerty Cheryl 6 Literacy
    Timperley Joy 6 Literacy
    Shumate Hillary Multiteam PBL Coach
    Sostarics Stephanie 6 Science
  Welsh Emmah 8 Counselor
    Fitch Cheryl 7 Science
    Gonzalez-Slager Karen 8 Literacy
    Booth Tina 7 Literacy
  Dunham Sharon 6 Counselor
    D’Angelo Elizabeth 7 Literacy
    Kuczora Megan 7 Literacy
    McArdle Annissa 6 Literacy
    Sbarra Dina 7 Science
    Lofgren Tim 6 Social Studies
    Earnest Lisa 7 Social Studies
    McCluskey Charles 8 Social Studies
    Vogelsanger Courtney 8 Literacy
    Guerrieri Tracy 7 Science
    Leadaman Brian 7 Social Studies
    Capenigro Denise 7 Literacy
    Thomas Kari 7 Literacy
    Cooper Brett 8 Literacy
    Jurczak Patricia 8 Literacy
    Giovingo Marc 7 Social Studies
    Power Jennifer 6 Literacy
    Kane Annie 8 Science
    Wiemeler Steven 6 Science
    Poleski Mindy 7/8 Foreign Language
    Bonkowski Brian 8 Social Studies
    Tannenbaum Ali 8 Literacy
    Heskin Heather 8 Social Studies
    Carmichael Tyler 8 Math
    Matthews Katelyn 8 Science
    Modica Frank 6 Science/Social Studies
    Sieck Kyle 7 Counselor
    Berg Anne 6 Math
    Domabyl Joe 7 Math
    Hecker Jennifer 6 Math
    Irvin Amy Multiteam Math Coach
    Kardas Kelly 6 Math
    Kunkel Gia 7 Math
    Luczak Paul 8 Math
    Luehrs Katie Multiteam ESL
    Wasserman Debra 7 Math
    Anderson Linda Multiteam Art
    Crum Karen Multiteam Family Consumer Sci.
    Beaman Heather 7 Special Education
Calvo Linda Multiteam Special Education
    Ewoldt Beth 8 Special Education
    Marinello Michelle Multiteam Health
Olzen John 8 Science
    Lewis Kelly Multiteam Technology Education
    Tomaszkiewicz Frank Multiteam Art Technology
    Montes De Oca Karla 7/8 Foreign Language
    Dymit Karen 7/8 Foreign Language
    Rosenwinkel Heather 7/8 Foreign Language
    Dixon Scott Multiteam PE
    Lee Liz Multiteam PE
    Maher Sarah Multiteam Health
    Odom Julie Multiteam PE
    Szajkovics Sam Multiteam PE
Winkelmann Derek Multiteam PE
    DePalo James Multiteam Music - Concert/Jazz
    Marchese Paul Multiteam Music - Vocal
    Tribley Samantha Multiteam Music - Band
    Alemis Georgia Multiteam Music - Orchestra Dir.
    Falco Katie 7 Special Ed
    Mijal Linda Multiteam Special Ed
    Gidley Ryan Multiteam Special Ed
    Stomberski Sandy 6 Special Ed
    Abbott Chris Multiteam Digital Literacy Specialist
  Heller Judy Multiteam Literacy Specialist
    Brown Nathaniel 6 Literacy
    Hann Heidi Multiteam Gifted Services
    Schoening Rose Multiteam Health - Nurse
    Grieger Karen Multiteam Social Worker
    Kosinski Mariola Multiteam Social Worker
   Dettmer Alexis Multiteam Speech-Language Pathologist
Perez Becky Multiteam Psychologist
Grande Mary Multiteam Psychologist
Shea Teresa Multiteam ESL
  Mail  Kulik Mayra 8 Special Ed
Parrish Marilyn   Tech support