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Ben Franklin Staff Directory

Kirk Samples - Principal --- Email
Jeff Burke - Assistant Principal --- Email
Cindy Johnson - Secretary, Administrative --- Email
Sue Sadowski - School Secretary --- Email

Ben Franklin Elementary School
350 Bryant Avenue
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 630-790-6480 | Fax: 630-790-6403
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Our teachers are listed alphabetically by Grade/Position. Click column headers to change the sorting view. To view a teacher's web site, click the links under Web site and Homework
Updated: 8/27/2015 12:15:31 PM
Contact Last NameFirst Name Grade Position
Jensky Arlyne K Teacher
Nelson Ana K Teacher
Schlabach Ann Level 2 Literacy Teacher
Elste Mary 1st Grade Teacher
  Rumel Lynn 1st Grade Teacher
Sailer Susan 1st Grade Teacher
Wright Jan 1st Grade Teacher
  Marquez Lisa 1st Grade FLES
Taylor Alex FLES Teacher
Bray Debbie Level 2 STEAM Teacher
Gill Patty Level 2 STEAM Teacher
  Doyle Joan Level 2 Literacy Teacher
Moon Lisa Level 2 Literacy Teacher
McKeever Jennifer Level 2 STEAM Teacher
Jones Randy Level 3 STEAM Teacher
Spratt Michelle Level 3 Literacy Teacher
  Filmer Jane Level 3 Literacy Teacher
  Rodriguez Sarah Multi-grade PBL Coach
Schremp Brian Multi-grade AEC Math
  Wittenberg Wayne Level 3 STEAM Teacher
  Malay Laura Level 3 Literacy Teacher
Salach Tiffanie Level 3 Literacy Teacher
Smith Suzana Math Specialist Teacher
  Thomas Susie Level 3 STEAM Teacher
  Cekay Susan Multi-grade Art Teacher
  Clarke Julie Multi-grade Music - Teacher
  Alemis Georgia Multi-grade Music - Orchestra Dir.
  Feuerborn Rita Multi-grade Music - Orchestra
  Weiland Janet Multi-grade Music - Band
Cuci Alket   Custodian - Head
Kolce Bill   Custodian - Night
Sarolli Piro   Custodian - Night
Terzi Petraq   Custodian
Trejo Yvonne Multi-grade Aide
  Dallman Lucy Level 2 STEAM Teacher
Rowland Pat Multi-grade Health - Aide
Pfaff Karen Multi-grade Health - Nurse
Fallon Kerry Multi-grade CASE - OT
Nardella Michele Multi-grade Instructional 3-5
Grewe Aly Multi-grade Instructional
Diebold Mary Multi-grade Special Ed - Aide
Duda Patti Multi-grade Special Ed - Aide
Jacklich Janice Multi-grade Special Ed - Aide
Pearce Tanya Multi-grade Resource Inclusion
Slater Stacy Multi-grade Literacy Specialist
McGavock Debbie Multi-grade Library - LLC Aide
  Urbanowicz Lynnea Multi-grade Digital Literacy Specialist
Cohla Adam Multigrade Tech Support
Hillenbrand Karen Multi-grade Program Aide
Saenz Taroh Multi-grade ENL
Jones Michelle Multi-grade Aide
Landon Rachael Multi-grade Aide
Oliver Peg Multi-grade Aide
Behrendt Karin Multi-grade Para Professional Aide
  Battaglia Samantha Multi-grade Resource Inclusion
  McCoy Denice Multi-grade PE - Adaptive
  Murray Gay Multi-grade PE - Teacher
  McCausland Ian Multi-grade PE - Teacher
Oberst Deb Multi-grade Reading Assistant
Tinsley Jody Multi-grade Reading Assistant
Marshall Molly Multi-grade Instructional 1-2
Lopez Dalila Multi-grade SLP
Cuculich Rachal Multi-grade SLP
  Bruch Heather Multi-grade Social Worker
Safien Grace Multi-grade Social Worker - MIP
Meer Nancy Multi-grade Speech - Primary
Jablonski Rachel Multi-grade Speech
Dunham Jen Multi-grade Physical Therapy
Money Kirsten Multi-grade Psychologist
Duffy Myra Multi-grade Psychologist