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Forest Glen Resources


Forest Glen Elementary Staff Directory

Mary Hornacek - Principal --- Email
Megan Kuczora - Assistant Principal --- Email
Karen Mullenax - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Kim Laird - School Secretary --- Email

Forest Glen Elementary School
561 Elm Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 630-790-6490 | Fax: 630-790-6468
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Our teachers are listed alphabetically by Grade/Position. Click column headers to change the sorting view. To view a teacher's web site, click the links under Web site and Homework
Updated: 1/15/2015 4:02:42 PM
Contact Last NameFirst Name Grade Position
Carapella Jacki K Teacher
Geiselhart Stephanie K Teacher
Delahanty Marie 1st Grade Teacher
Kreitzer Penny 1st Grade Teacher
  Podulka Julie 1st Grade Teacher
  VanDyke Rebecca 1st Grade Teacher
  Berenschot Laurie Level 3 STEAM Teacher
Buccola Heather Level 2 Literacy Teacher
Burshiem Linda Level 2 STEAM Teacher
  Enns Karen Level 2 STEAM Teacher
Nelson Gayle Level 2 Literacy Teacher
  Blazek Chris Level 2 STEAM Teacher
  Kostner Jowayne Level 2 Literacy Teacher
  Magrini Niki Level 3 Lit/STEAM Teacher
  Schmutz Julie Level 2 Lit/STEAM Teacher
  Carr Amy Level 3 STEAM Teacher
  Callicoat Marcie Multi-grade Math Specialist
  Nicolai Julie Level 3 Literacy Teacher
  Andres Adam Level 3 Literacy Teacher
  Caspers Scott Level 3 Literacy Teacher
  Montgomery Barbara Level 3 STEAM Teacher
Nakashima Laura Multi-grade Art
  Quintero Keira Multi-grade Music
  Alemis Georgia Multi-grade Music - Orchestra Dir.
  Harms Rebecca Multi-grade Music - Orchestra
  Weiland Janet Multi-grade Music - Teacher, Band
  Robinson Angela Multi-grade Literacy Specialist
Peters Mike --- Custodian
Baholli Julia --- Custodian
Yarbrough Tony --- Custodian
Perihana Adriatik   Custodian
Haugh Sandy Multi-grade CASE - OT
Elsner Anne Multi-grade CASE - OT Aide
Leska Judy Multi-grade EC - Teacher/Blended
  Klemm Brenda Multi-grade EC - Teacher/Blended
Marshall Jill Multi-grade EC - Speech
  Belpedio Maggie Multi-grade EC - Structured Program Teacher
Chavez Jennifer Multi-grade FLES
Connolly Nancy Multi-grade Health - Nurse
Hansen Bonnie Multi-grade Health - Aide
  DiSilvestro Janet Multi-grade Special Ed
Rauch Sue Multi-grade EC - Program Aide
Rosenwinkel Leslie Multi-grade EC - Program Aide
Pajcini Mirela Multi-grade ENL - Teacher
Mulligan Rena Multi-grade Special Ed Resource
Eagan Zochil Multi-grade Special Ed Aide
Pope Karen Multi-grade Special Ed Aide
Ludwig Emma Multi-grade Special Ed Aide
Nelson Margaret Multi-grade Special Ed Aide
Seidler Shannon Multi-grade Special Ed Aide
Stoner Diane Multi-grade Special Ed Aide
Wiedman Kerrie Multi-grade Special Ed Aide
Waterloo Erin Multi-grade Special Ed Aide
Bytnar Lauren Multi-grade Special Ed Resource
  Frey Tara Multi-grade EC Special Ed
Llanes Carola Multi-grade ESL - Teacher
Hokenson Kathleen Multi-grade Library Media Aide
Medrano Luis Multigrade Tech Support
Motel Sharon Multi-grade Library Media Specialist
Naumiec Barb Multi-grade Library Media Specialist
Knoebl Sue Multi-grade PE - Teacher
LaCosse Kim Multi-grade PE - Teacher
Golojuch Lisa Multi-grade Reading/Math Assistant
Geighes Jenny Multi-grade Social Worker
Robitaille Jamie Multi-grade Speech-Language Pathologist
Safien Grace Multi-grade EC Social Worker
Streckert Mary Multi-grade EC Social Worker
Dunham Jennifer Multi-grade CASE - PT
Piepenbrink Janet Multi-grade Reading/Math Assistant
  Lee Laura Multi-grade AEC - Teacher
Puetz Linda Multi-grade School Psychologist
Kellam Christina Multi-grade PBL Coach